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The Student Outreach Committee is organized solely to gather student feedback to improve campus in small, tangible ways. You can find Student Outreach tabling weekly in Cleveland and hosting free pizza events, Pepperoni with your Reperoni (keep your eyes peeled for future events). 

If you want to access funds from the new COVID-19 club funds process fill out this form. Have questions? Check out this FAQ!

Want to travel to Sociology a conference in San Francisco? Well, we can’t condone that right now : ( fill out this form six weeks prior to your travel date when we are back in person! 

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Resolutions are a great way to make significant change on campus. 

Our Sustainability Committee is always looking for ideas to make campus more green. Send any and all suggestions to


The Governing Board (aka, the Board of Trustees) is a group of Whitman affiliated individuals that are responsible for the management of Whitman College as a whole. There are 4 committees, each of which hire student representatives to sit on.

The Resources Committee

The Whitman Experience Committee

The Advancement Committee

The Complete Board

The Council on Student Affairs is Whitman’s disciplinary body of faculty, admin, and students that holds hearings in response to alleged violations of college rules or policies, such as plagiarism or Title IX violations.

Student Life Committee 

The Student Life Committee may review and recommend policies on any matter, which is not of a curricular or disciplinary nature, relating to student life at Whitman College. 

Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee collects student input on aspects relating to the Library. 

General Studies Committee

The General Studies Committee shall supervise and administer the General Studies Program (aka, the Encounters Program)

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is a reviewing and consulting body for the Faculty in matters pertaining to the curriculum, both at the level of individual courses and major proposals and at the level of considering the ways in which the various elements of the academic program fit together into the overall curriculum of the College. 

Budget Advisory Committee 

The Budget Advisory Committee works with the CFO of Whitman, Peter Harvey, on college finances. 

Student Technology Committee

The Student Technology Committee influences the technology that is used on campus by getting feedback on what students would like to see implemented tech-wise. 

Academic Information Technology Advisory Group

The Academic Information Technology Advisory Group reviews technology policies such as the college’s privacy policy, helping Technology Services and other collaborators review and recommend courses of action for major projects and initiatives, or initiating a major review of student printing systems and procedures. 

Bon Appetit Advisory Committee

The Bon Appetit Advisory Committee collects student input on aspects relating to Bon App. 

President’s Sustainability Advisory Committee

President’s Sustainability Advisory Committee works with the admin on sustainability initiatives. 

Health Center Advisory Committee

The Health Center Advisory Committee collects student input on aspects of the Health Center. 


Not all clubs on campus are ASWC affiliated, but we encourage you to reach out to register. If you decide to register as an ASWC affiliated club, you get a number of perks:




To start the ASWC club affiliation process, you can email!

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