Associated Students of Whitman College


Who We Are

We are the Associated Students of Whitman College, the student government organization on campus. We are students, athletes, environmentalists, procrastinators, musicians, greek life leaders, Netflix bingers, activists, and people who want to make campus better.



Goals + Mission

The Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) is a group of representatives established in 1902 for the empowerment of Whitman students through the funding of student initiatives, the facilitation of important conversations, and the creation of inclusive and equitable opportunities. We are advocates of change for our classmates, amplifying inclusivity, accessibility, and student voices for the betterment of our campus.

Meet The Senate

Meet the 2022-2023 Executive Council!

Terms will begin in June of 2022 and go through May of 2023.

President: Gabby Rose
Communications Chair: Nicole Huh
Diversity and Inclusion Chair: Gigi Peterson
Finance Chair: Feras Natsheh
Nominations and Appointments Chair: Jordy Bluett
Oversight Chair: Brandon Martínez Serrano 
Sustainability Chair: Fraser Moore
Student Development Chair: Ken Fritzell


ASWC is the student body government. We act as a liaison between students, faculty, and the administration through a number of ways: funding, events, and student initiatives. We function to ensure that the values of the students are being represented in the highest levels of Whitman’s decision making.


ASWC is hiring a student representative to the Board of Trustees as well as one position in each of the three following committees: Whitman Experience, Whitman Resources, and Whitman Advancement. We are looking for dedicated students with experience in leadership and service on campus to act as student advocates. These positions provide opportunities to bring the most important campus issues to the attention of a group of highly influential administrators.

Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

This student will sit in on board meetings and represent the student body to the best of their ability. While they do not have a vote, their opinions hold significant sway. This student should not be afraid to fight actively for change and willing to engage in thoughtful debate with the Board of Trustees.

Whitman Experience

This policy committee is a consolidation of the former governing boards on Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Diversity, and Enrollment. This representative should have substantial experience with a wide range of issues facing Whitman students, and be enthusiastic about issues of enrollment and the effectiveness of diversity policies on campus. They should be willing to support communication between the faculty and the policy committee on academic issues.

Whitman Resources

This policy committee is focused on what is available to students on campus in terms of buildings, funds, and other services. It covers the issues previously discussed by the former Budget Advisory Committee regarding the construction and approval of Whitman’s budget in a manner that furthers Whitman’s mission. Students curious or with strong opinions about how the College manages the upkeep and renovation of the campus as well as interest in new facility design and construction would thrive on the Whitman Resources committee.

Whitman Advancement

This committee will focus heavily on exploring resources for the college in terms of accumulating money, managing the endowment, contacting alumni donors, and other types of broad policy changes related to accumulating capital for the college to use for its students in the future. Students who are confident in their ability to represent the student body in all its complexities and navigate the difficulties of dealing with finances in terms of getting more money for the college are encouraged to apply. Someone who is futuristic and forward-thinking would excel in this position.



The Council on Student Affairs is a judicial board with faculty members and students that hear infraction cases of college policies (i.e. Title IX infractions, Sexual Misconduct Policy, plagiarism). You will receive extensive training on these policies, such as the Sexual Misconduct Policy, and will be responsible for serving the campus community as a peer adjudicating body. Members attend regular meetings and policy training sessions, although the committee will meet more often when cases are being heard. Training dates in the fall are mandatory and will be relayed upon appointment.



Communications is looking for storytellers interested in web design, technology, photography, videography, PR, or marketing. This position gives opportunity to those interested in such fields, allowing individuals to brainstorm, explore, and strategize content creation hands on and with an intimate team. To apply, email Please include a resume, cover letter, and portfolio expressing interest in the position and outlining intended goals or projects. 

The Communications Committee is in charge of overseeing all media, branding, and communicative facets of ASWC, Communications upholds the brand and face of ASWC in a consistent, fun, and engaging way so as to increase ASWC’s recognition and purpose to the student body.



The Sustainability Advisory Committee is a committee created for the purposes of promoting environmental stewardship among members of the Whitman Community through programs of education and awareness. Members of this committee will work to support and promote initiatives of students, staff, and faculty that serve to enhance the College’s sustainability. Furthermore, members on this committee will work closely with the administration to further the College’s long-term environmental goals. Members will work to uphold Whitman’s environmental principles and advocate for practices aimed at reducing Whitman’s impact on the environment.



The Budget Advisory Committee serves as an advisory body to the President and Trustees during the formation of the College budget. It conducts student forums and solicits feedback from students to present these recommendations. In addition to faculty and staff representatives, the committee is composed of the ASWC Finance Chair and three students.

There are a number of finance forms available for varying contexts, click here to see the finance forms.

ASWC funds clubs, student organizations, and initiatives on campus. This includes: 

Whitman Events Board 

Whitman Sound and Lights

The KWCW Whitman Radio 

Interest House Community 

The Outdoor Shop Manager Salary

Bluemoon and Quarterlife publications

And all of the 60+ ASWC recognized clubs