Mitchell Cutter

Jack Anderson

David Lilburn
First-Year Senator — Finance
David Lilburn is a Freshman non-declared major from San Diego, CA. Outside of ASWC, David Lilburn enjoys reforming campaign financing to include work study and loves Greece. This year in ASWC, David Lilburn aims to reform campaign financing to include work study.

Spencer Mueller

Belle Pawer
First-Year Senator — Finance
Belle Pawer is a Freshman BBMB major from Dexter, OR. Outside of ASWC, Belle Pawer enjoys petting the alumni’s dogs and loves boba tea. This year in ASWC, Belle Pawer aims to make it rain $$$ (just kidding, she wants to represent the people).

Conor Scanlon
Oversight Committee — Finance Auditor
Conor Scanlon is a Junior biology major from Portland, ME. Outside of ASWC, Conor Scanlon enjoys chairing TKE rush and loves softly stroking animal pelts. This year in ASWC, Conor Scanlon aims to make sure clubs are spending money responsibly.

Erin Lopez

Jayden Dirk
Jayden Dirk is a Freshman history major from Portland, OR. Outside of ASWC, Jayden Dirk enjoys backpacking and loves cheeseburgers This year in ASWC, Jayden Dirk aims to whip 4 Kim.

Chris Meabe
Chris Meabe is a Junior history major from Portland, OR. Outside of ASWC, Chris Meabe enjoys poetry and loves the past of the world This year in ASWC, Chris Meabe aims to spread love.