Announcements about applications for positions on ASWC.

Power & Privilege Chairperson

Job Description: 

1) To oversee the planning of the Power & Privilege Symposium as a whole. This includes working collaboratively with logistics, marketing, and content committees (and chairs) to make sure they are meeting deadlines and expectations.

2) Represent the Power and Privilege Planning Committee in engaging with the administration and community.

3) Appoint a budget manager and a faculty contact and assist them in their duties.

4) Create a timetable for the the planning process in collaboration with previous Chair.

5) Set clear expectations for each committee and chair including deadlines and projects.

6) Organize and facilitate weekly meetings with all Symposium planning members.

7) Meet with committee chairs (weekly or biweekly).

8) Lead the search for the Keynote speaker.

9) Head the planning for the opening and closing ceremonies.

10) Keep ASWC President and Finance Chair up to date in planning process.

Applications EXTENDED to Friday, May 9th. The application can be found here

Join the Communications Committee! 

The Communications Committee is the awesome creative branch of ASWC that deals with marketing and connecting students to their representatives. We are currently looking to fill three positions for the 2014-2015 school year:

Applications have been extended to Wednesday, May 7th. Click the position title for more information and the application.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Apply to be ASWC Club Director

The Club Director sits on the Executive Council and Finance Committee, and works to support and oversee over 50 ASWC-recognized student clubs and organizations on campus. This is a full-year position.

Key duties include:

  • Maintaining constant communication with club representatives
  • Helping new clubs bring quality constitutions to the Senate
  • Being approachable and willing to go to club meetings
  • Maintaining an intricate understanding of club by-laws
  • Developing and maintaining club constitutions
  • Assisting clubs with matters pertaining to ASWC
  • Organizing the activities fair and club leadership symposium at the beginning of the year
  • Collaborating with the ASWC vice-president to execute Town Hall

Necessary skills include:

  • Close attention to detail
  • Demonstrated leadership experience, preferably in a club on campus
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Enthusiasm for clubs!

Experience in club leadership positions and/or leadership within ASWC is recommended, but not required. This is a paid (stipend) position. Further questions about the job can be directed to the current ASWC Club Director, Nate Higby, at The application can be found here and must be submitted by Friday, May 2nd at 5 pm.


*Link to Faculty Liaison here*

Apply to be ASWC Faculty Liaison

The ASWC Faculty Liaison sits on the Executive Council, and works closely with Whitman faculty and the ASWC President. The Faculty Liaison is a new position to ASWC, and is intended to increase communication between the student body and faculty regarding issues that relate to academics, tenure, and student-faculty relations. This is a full-year position.

Key duties include:

  • Sitting on the Executive Council and going to Senate meetings
  • Initiating and attending meetings with faculty members from a variety of disciplines
  • Working with ASWC Senators and Executive Council members to write any relevant legislation
  • Starting and leading a committee, if deemed necessary

Necessary skills include:

  • Passion for the Whitman community and academics
  • Willingness to devote significant time and effort to spearheading initiatives
  • Self-starter who is able to work productively with minimal supervision
  • Excellent organization and attention to detail
  • Leadership intangibles: personable, engaging, and professional
  • Ability to execute ideas and plan effectively
  • Innovative problem solver

We’re looking for is someone who is dedicated to making substantial, positive change on the Whitman campus, with the support of the ASWC President and ASWC as a whole. This is a paid (stipend) position. Further questions about the job can be directed to ASWC President-elect, Tatiana Kaehler, at The application can be found here and must be submitted by Friday, May 2nd at 5 pm.

Apply to be Executive Director of Communications


The Executive Director of Communications sits on the Executive Council and is responsible for coordinating and managing all ASWC Communications. This is a full-year position.

Key duties include:

  • Leading the Communications Department (direct supervisor for three positions).
  • Planning and implementing the advertising for ASWC events and initiatives.
  • Managing and updating the website.
  • Coordinating the utilization of social media outlets and ensuring that ASWC connects effectively with the student body at large.
  • Timely release of news and relevant information to the student body.
  • Developing the ASWC “brand.”

Necessary skills include:

  • Exceptional communication and organizational skills.
  • Acute attention to detail.
  • Forward thinking, able to work autonomously and to take the initiative.
  • The ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet set deadlines.
  • Works well in a team setting, and a team leader.
  • Creative vision for ASWC, and energetic.

Experience with digital design (InDesign, Photoshop, etc) and photography is preferred, but not required. This is a paid (stipend) position.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to by midnight on Friday, April 25th.

Governing Board Committee Open Positions

Student Affairs (1 Open Position)

The Student Affairs student representative should have the ability to interpret and engage in discussions about, the idea of a holistic “Whitman Experience,” which incorporates the experiences of all students on campus no matter their respective campus affiliations. The representative should know about the day-to- day events of the campus on a student level and feel comfortable fielding questions on a variety of issues that directly affect their fellow students. The Student Affairs committee works with the dean of students, the provost and dean of faculty, the faculty, the president, and the governing boards to address issues concerning the conditions and quality of life on campus.


Diversity: (1 Open Position)

The Diversity Committee student representative must be willing to engage and participate in tough and frank discussions about the state of diversity at Whitman. They should be knowledgeable about student level diversity initiatives and issues throughout campus, and feel comfortable providing input on the effectiveness of diversity policies on their peers’ experiences. Discussions in this committee often focus on “the big picture” and long-term goals, which a student representative should be able to contribute to accordingly. The Diversity committee explores issues related to creating a learning environment at Whitman that attracts and embraces a more ethnically diverse student body, faculty, and community at Whitman.

Enrollment: (1 open Position)

The Enrollment Committee student representative should be familiar and well versed with the complete enrollment process at Whitman. The representative should have substantial experience with the Office of Admissions in a formal capacity, which entails awareness of enrollment terms, overall ideology, and thoughts on how to improve the process. The ideal representative is genuinely interested and enthusiastic about issues of enrollment. The Enrollment Committee works with the dean of admission and financial aid, the faculty, the president, the provost and dean of faculty and the governing boards to address issues concerning the recruitment, retention, graduation and academic progress of Whitman students.

Technology Task Force: (1 position Open)

The Technology Task Force is a relatively informal group that strives to advise and enhance the efforts of the Whitman College Technology Services. The Task Force has a higher percentage of non-Board members, and does not meet if there are no pressing issues. Those applying to the Technology Task Force should have technological-backgrounds, as the position requires student members to advise and interact with WCTS on an individual basis when warranted.

Applications are due on April 11th, 2014 and can be found here

Email the nominations chair, Rania Mussa at for more information. 

Apply to Be a WEB Director.

The Whitman Events Board is now looking for 9 awesome people to join its team for the 2014-15 school year. This includes everything from the Music Entertainment Director to the Marketing Coordinator. Read a little more about what positions WEB would like to fill below, or check out the application here.

Marketing Coordinator: organize marketing plans and materials for all WEB events in coordination

with other members or committee; help with the execution of devised plans

Co-Sponsorship Coordinator: manage co-sponsorship with students; serve as liaison to all student

groups with which WEB co-sponsors events; work directly with representatives from clubs/groups to

oversee program planning process and ensure co-sponsored event success

Campus Relations Director: manage co-sponsorship process with faculty, staff and departments; serve

as a liaison between WEB and staff and faculty; work directly with staff and faculty to oversee the

planning process and ensure success of campus relations events; coordinate volunteers and spearhead

student engagement efforts.

Cinema Arts Director: identify films of interest to student body and select range of films to be shown

during the year; organize all event details for film screenings; help plan the bi-annual Drive-In.

Special Events Director: identify and plan events or special performers of interest to the student

body; organize all event details; may include dances, comedians, novelty acts, Casino Night, Cookie

Contest, etc.

Creative Arts Director: responsible for providing fine art and creative art programs and workshops on


Music Entertainment Director: identify and plan musical performances throughout the year, choose a

range of shows from student Coffeehouse performances to large concerts; may include Choral Contest

and co-sponsorship requests.

Cultural Events Director: identify and plan events with an emphasis on cultural awareness and

diversity issues; work with other campus entities to support a range of multicultural programming on


Lectures Director: identify speakers and lecture topics of interest to the student body; arrange event

details; work with other campus constituents to ensure a range of topics and ideas are addressed.


Applications are due at 8pm on April 4th in the ASWC Office.

Click here to learn all the exciting details.

Petitions!!! Due March 13th.


Petitions for Executive Council and Senators are out now. You have until March 13th to get the 20 signatures required to be considered for election.


  • President
  • Student Affairs Chair (Vice President)
  • Nominations Chair
  • Finance Chair
  • Senator (4 for each class)

Learn more about each position and what you need to do here.

Due March 13th, no later than 4 pm.

Email Audrey Vaughn at

Apply to be the Pio Editor in Chief

The Editor and Chief of the Pioneer


  • Co-ordinate pioneer business with the publisher.

  • Responsible for the overall integrity of the newspaper (editorial content, appearance, coverage, production, scheduling, staff/personnel issues and advertising).

  • Coordinates intensive training for editors through a summer retreat and/or workshops.

  • Chairs the editorial board; writes editorials, as desired.

  • Working with the managing editor, ensures that all articles are submitted in a timely manner.

  • Working with the managing editor, ensures that layout/production efforts are completed on time.

  • Assures that all photographic and visual needs are submitted in a timely manner.


  • In depth Experience and knowledge of the working of the College paper

  • Passion for the work

  • Organized and structured

  • Committed

To Apply

Send a resume and a Cover Letter to by March 5th, 2014 at 4:00 pm. 

If you have any questions contact Rania Mussa at the above email.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with the application.