The Environmental Interest House—known colloquially as The Outhouse—was established in 1981 as a part of the Interest House Community. It provides housing for a several environmentally minded students every year. It is situated on Boyer Ave in the IHC, right next to La Casa Hispaña. The students aim to involve themselves in solving environmental issues on campus, and  being leaders in moving to a more sustainable Whitman campus.  The Outhouse is a very active group of students. One of their biggest activities is spearheading the campus recycling program. The Recycling Center is located behind the outhouse, and the residents of the Outhouse are key to its operation. Also, the Outhouse puts on events each year such as the well-known “Outhouse Unplugged” where students can perform live, acoustic music or read poetry by candlelight. The building itself has a number of environmentally friendly measures taken to make it more sustainable. The building has a small solar array on the roof, and a passive solar water heating system.