Arty Kraisitudomsook

Nattapol (Arty) is a senior Biology major and Sociology minor originally from Bangkok, Thailand. He has been involved in Mycology Club for two years. Last summer, he was an undergraduate researcher at University of Arizona working with fungal endophytes. He is passionate about mushrooms and fungi. He believes that fungi are crucial to sustain the healthy environment. These organisms can also benefit human society in terms of food, industry, and medicine. They are truly powerful despite their size!
If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, do not hesitate to contact him.


Matthew Meyer

Matthew is a junior Biology major from San Diego, CA.  He co-founded the Whitman Association of Mycology his first year and was president his sophomore year.  As one might guess, he has a passion for the fungal realm but also loves all things biology.  In the past, he has interned with San Diego Zoo Global’s Biomimicry department and the Scripp’s Institute of Oceanography.  Additionally, he has been a caretaker to Sam, the galapagos giant tortoise, which resides in the San Diego Botanical Gardens.  He is an adamant believer that the key to a sustainable future is learning from natural designs and processes and replicating those our own technology.