The Food Recovery Network

Food Recovery Network is the largest student movement against food waste and hunger in America. The network unites college students to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from our campuses and communities and donating it to people in need. It began in 2011 and has since recovered and donated more than 2 million pounds (1).  Whitman students unite in this movement by picking up campus dining halls’ pre-consumer food waste – extra meals that never were served – and delivering them to our community partner, The Center at the Park. The Center at the Park serves over 200 meals a day to seniors in need, with about half of that made up of Meals on Wheels deliveries. The Whitman team aids The Center at the Park in their hunger-fighting mission by donating an average of 120 lbs of food each week, while also aiding Bon Appetit in its mission to eliminate food waste. Join the listserve to get involved!