Campus Climate Coalition

The focus of CCC is to promote environmental sustainability and climate justice through student run campaigns. This club serves as an umbrella organizing space that seems to make Whitman a more sustainable and environmentally ethical campus. As a group, we have years of experience working alongside the Whitman administration and fellow student groups. Have an idea to make Whitman a more sustainable place? Come to a meeting and we can help give you the resources you need to get it off the ground. Sign up to the listserv and stop by our weekly meetings. CCC meets every Thursday evening at 5pm in Reid 110.

Here are some events the CCC has hosted in the past.

  • EcoWeek: Each year, CCC hosts a two-week-long competition between first and second year residence halls to encourage students to make small but sustainable lifestyle changes. Participants win points by taking part in actions like eating vegetarian, washing clothes and showering in hold water, and turning off extraneous lights.
  • Mount Trashmore:  For one week, CCC compiles all of Whitman’s trash into an aptly named “Mount Trashmore.” Students then volunteer to sift through the pile of garbage situated next to Cordiner Hall to sort out materials that could be recycled. The event aimed to make the college and its students think about the amount of garbage they produce and the ways in which they could limit their waste.
  • Environmental Movie Nights: In order to promote sustainable thinking among the student body, CCC puts on bi-monthly film screenings for the larger Whitman campus. Titles have included, “The Price of Sugar,” “Damnation,” and “Cowspiracy.”
  • Campus Speakers: CCC works with the Whitman Events Board and various other groups to bring speakers to campus to help further educate the student body on a number of environmental issues.