Caity Varian

Caity is a junior Environmental Studies Sociology combined major from Mill Valley, CA. She has been involved in the Glean Team since freshman year. She loves gleaning because it allows her to get outside, get off campus and get involved in the community. Caity is passionate about sustainable agriculture and addressing issues of food insecurity. Like many other glean leaders, she loves a good vegetable pun!


Emma Jones

Emma Jones is a junior ES-Bio major from San Anselmo, CA.  She has been working to build Glean Team as an effective model for tackling issues of food waste and justice since Sam birthed it as his brain child.  She loves veggies more than most things, but she also loves big cookies and peanut butter.


Emily Aumann

Emily ’17 is a Sociology-Environmental Studies major from Davis, California. She has been involved in the Glean Team since the first year it was getting off the ground. Emily was inspired to join the group in part to support the positive local redistribution of food as a way to reduce food waste and simultaneously help supply good quality food for folks who might not otherwise have access to it.