Come to the Sustainability Summit, This Semester’s Town Hall!

The Sustainability Summit will be at Reid Coffeehouse at 7 pm this Wednesday February 25th!

Sustainability Summit

An ASWC Town Hall

Come hear about the on-going initiatives of green clubs on campus, strategize for future projects, and hear about cool new opportunities and ways to get involved. Bring your ideas!

Some clubs and individuals attending: Rethink Dams, Divestment, CCC, Green Leaders, Outhouse, Mycology Club, SAW, Organic Garden, Glean Team, Cool the Schools and Bike Share Program, Dani Hupper, ASWC SustainabilityCoordinator, and Tristan Sewell, the Campus Sustainability Coordinator.


Help Out Zena Farm!

In the wake of the University’s decision to suspend food production indefinitely at Zena Farm, we wish to voice the importance of farming and food system awareness within the Willamette and Salem communities. By signing this petition, you are indicating support for the University’s reinstatement of food production at Zena Farm and demanding student representation. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Theo!