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The role of the Sustainability Committee is dedicated to building a sustainable campus, keeping in mind the three pillars of equity, economy, and environment. We envision and work towards a world where our practices and actions make responsible use of resources to uplift one another. We help orient ASWC projects towards healthy development for a broad, inclusive Whitman community. We recognize and address the intersections of social justice and environmentalism by advocating for mindful policies through ASWC and the Whitman Administration.  

Sustainability Chair | Fraser Moore


Eila Chin

Owen Jakel

Anna Shimkus


ASWC Sustainability Climate Change Survey

This survey was conducted in Fall 2021. 

400 students were randomly sampled, across all 4 years, and 219 responses were recorded. The survey functions to provide baseline data on student opinion regarding climate change, their personal feelings about climate change, and Whitman’s role as an institution.

Eila Chin and Fraser Moore worked closely with Elissa Brown, the then Sustainability Coordinator.

For more information about this survey, please use this link to view the details.

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Feel free to email the committee at or email the ASWC Sustainability Chair at

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