Student Affairs

Dana Casterella
ASWC Vice President / Student Affairs Chair
Dana Casterella is a Senior politics major from Mercer Island. Outside of ASWC, Dana Casterella enjoys playing lacrosse, traveling, and sleeping and loves increased wildlife conservation and universal access to high quality health care. This year in ASWC, Dana Casterella aims to guide student affairs successfully and make stacks on stacks of legislation.

Emily Bowen
Junior Senator — Student Affairs
Emily Bowen is a Junior BBMB major from Ellensburg, WA. Outside of ASWC, Emily Bowen enjoys eating frozen yogurt and reciting the alphabet backwards and loves thunderstorms while drinking a mug of London fog. This year in ASWC, Emily Bowen aims to think outside of the box.

Omar A.
First-Year Senator — Student Affairs
Omar A. is a Freshman BBMB major from Redmond. Outside of ASWC, Omar A. enjoys rock climbing and loves sushi. This year in ASWC, Omar A. aims to make a difference on campus.

Gordon Kochman

Kimberly Taylor
First-Year Senator — Student Affairs
Kimberly Taylor is a Freshman non-declared major from Los Altos, CA. Outside of ASWC, Kimberly Taylor enjoys making people laugh and loves puppies. This year in ASWC, Kimberly Taylor aims to increase involvement in Walla Walla.

Sean Hays
Senior Senator (Fall) — Student Affairs
Sean Hays is a Senior history major from Oregon City, OR. Outside of ASWC, Sean Hays enjoys eating and loves food. This year in ASWC, Sean Hays aims to n/a.

Caroline Bauwens
Sophomore Senator — Student Affairs
Caroline Bauwens is a Sophomore lol major from Miami, FL. Outside of ASWC, Caroline Bauwens enjoys watching netflix and eating twizzlers and loves her tastefully ripped jeans. This year in ASWC, Caroline Bauwens aims to plan a sophomore game of assassain.

Gautum Produturi
Gautum Produturi is a Sophomore mathematics and chemistry major from Pleasenton. Outside of ASWC, Gautum Produturi enjoys reading and loves traveling. This year in ASWC, Gautum Produturi aims to do good things.

Paris Fox

Emma Bishop
Junior Senator — Student Affairs
Emma Bishop is a Junior history major from Orange County, CA. Outside of ASWC, Emma Bishop enjoys dancing with poor form and loves the smell of the beach. This year in ASWC, Emma Bishop aims to get internship credit.

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