Clubs FAQ


How can I get a space for my club to meet in?

There are several spaces around campus that in which clubs can meet that do not require booking or formal requests such as the Reid Coffeehouse, Science Building Atrium, and of course many of the outdoor spaces on campus. To secure a room, tables, or chairs for your club meeting or event, contact Debi Evans, the Scheduling Coordinator, at as early as possible because spaces can go quickly. She’s also available in person in her office at Reid Campus Center, in room 202.

Our club would like to host a large event on campus, how do we go about that?

If your club would like to host an event  that caters to the entire campus, check with either Katharine Curles ( or Leann Adams ( in the Student Activities Office in Reid 202 for resources and ideas. Thinking of bringing a speaker, musician, or film to campus? Contact Anna von Clemm, the Whitman Events Board (WEB) Co-sponsorship Chair, at WEB, which can support almost any on-campus event that caters to the student body, is located in Reid 208.

Where can we print posters for our club?

On campus, there are two main poster resources.

1)  Boyer House- located on Boyer Ave. adjacent to the Glover Alston Center.

Boyer House is the larger of the two resources and provides a range of printing services for the entire campus, including the administration. You can also pay a small fee to have your posters distributed around campus.  Send posters ready for printing to Richard Anderson ( at the Boyer House Copy Center.

2) Multimedia Development Lab- located in the basement of the Hunter Conservatory.

The Multimedia Development Lab ( is the Whitman College Technology Services branch for student media and design. MDL computers have many design and audiovisual media applications accessible to students. The MDL also offers help and training by appointment. Click here to learn more.

ASWC "Why’s"

What are the responsibilities of a club?

When the Associated Students of Whitman College recognizes a club, the club agrees to uphold certain responsibilities outlined in the ASWC by-laws.

Town Hall

Each club must send at least one student representative to a Town Hall event per semester. This requirement diversifies the attendance at Town Hall, allowing ASWC to learn from students from a range of niches on campus. Students who attend this event on behalf of a club are asked to speak for their club but also to include their personal opinions. A student voice is no less important than a club voice.

Recognition Update Form

Clubs must submit a recognition update form and a budget request for the following year to remain in good standing. These forms will be made available in early April and are due by the last day of classes of the semester before the next year (i.e. due in May 2016 for the 2016-2017 school year).

Club Leadership Symposium and Budget Manager Training

All club leaders and budget managers must separately attend a training event at the beginning of every academic year about club expectations and the most current ASWC financial processes (including reimbursement, changes in policy, and updates on student resources).

Senator/ Club Group Assignments

Every year ASWC assigns a senator to each club and expects them to communicate.  Senators are required to write short reports on their clubs.  These pairings ideally connect senators with their constituents and provide clubs with direct access to ASWC resources and information. Senator/ Club pairs can be found here.

Club Inventory– At the end of every academic year, clubs must catalog their inventory as purchased by ASWC funds in both the current and previous years. This process allows ASWC to account for money spent and more knowledgeably fund maintenance/re-purchase requests.

How do clubs lose recognition?

A club can lose recognition in various ways, but in all circumstances both the Student Activities Office and the Club Director must agree on the decision. The main ways in which clubs can lose recognition include:

  • Failure to attend necessary training sessions.
  • Failure to send a club representative to at least one Town Hall per semester
  • Failure to submit a recognition update form (RUF) on time
  • Violations of College Policy (at the discretion of the Club Director and the Student Activities Office)

What do I do if my club has lost recognition and I want to start it up again?

Clubs are welcomed to re-apply for recognition the following semester as a new club. In exceptional circumstance a club may be restored by the student senate within the same semester by a 2/3 majority vote.

Why do clubs submit constitutions?

We are creating an online club constitution database this semester that serves to

1) Facilitate transitions in club leadership between years

2) Inform interested students about their club’s goals

3) Increase club visibility and access

4) Ensure that club documentation can be easily located


How do I turn in my receipts?

Attach receipts to a completed reimbursement form and turn them in either to the ASWC Finance Chair, Anya Tudisco, or the ASWC Administrative Assistant, Andrea Kelly in Reid 210.  Reimbursement forms can be found here.

How can I apply for more money for my club?

To request additional funding for activities/events or an increase in club budget, fill out the Contingency Request form. Submit requests, which should include a detailed financial breakdown of how you plan to use the funds, to the ASWC Finance Chair at least 48 before Finance Committee meetings (Wednesdays at 5:30 pm for Fall 2015). Requesting parties are encouraged to attend the meeting at which their request will be considered to speak on its behalf.  Contingency Request forms can be found here.

How are ASWC fundings restricted?

Listed below are some of the funding restrictions most pertinent to clubs. For a complete explanation of funding rules, look in the by-laws.

ASWC monies shall not be used

-To purchase alcohol or illicit drugs.

-By Academic Departments.

-In cases in which a student’s grade or course credit is at stake.

-To purchase items for personal use (i.e. no shirts, ipods, and items that students are allowed to keep).

-As donations to organizations outside of ASWC.

Contact the ASWC Finance Chair with questions at

Are clubs permitted to fundraise using ASWC money?

Yes. ASWC monies may be used for fundraising purposes if the principal investment is repaid to the ASWC account of the organization before funds are donated.

Can clubs pay using their account to avoid reimbursement hassles?

Yes! Several offices around campus allow student groups to charge directly to their account. Club Presidents and Budget Managers can confirm their account numbers with the ASWC Finance Chair and charge to their account at all of the offices mentioned below after providing their name and student ID number. 

  • The Whitman College Bookstore
  • The Reid Campus Center Post Office
  • The MDL (Multimedia Development Lab)
  • The Outdoor Program
  • Boyer House (printing services)
  • ASWC Sound and Lights
  • Bon Appetit

Do clubs get a discount on bookstore materials?

Yes! Club leaders using their GL account number receive a discount on everything in the bookstore EXCEPT: textbooks, candy, greeting cards, magazines, music CD’s and sale items.