Noahlani Litwinsella
Noahlani Litwinsella is a Junior biology and art major from Oakland, CA. Outside of ASWC, Noahlani Litwinsella enjoys reading the ASWC bylaws and loves cheese This year in ASWC, Noahlani Litwinsella aims to keep things running as they should.

Conor Scanlon
Conor Scanlon is a Junior biology major from Portland, ME. Outside of ASWC, Conor Scanlon enjoys chairing TKE rush and loves softly stroking animal pelts with two fingers This year in ASWC, Conor Scanlon aims to make sure clubs are spending money responsibly.

Lily Parker
Lily Parker is a Sophomore politics major from Seattle, WA. Outside of ASWC, Lily Parker enjoys making sure people follow the rules and loves Michelle Obama This year in ASWC, Lily Parker aims to hang out with all my ASWC friends.

Gautum Produturi
Gautum Produturi is a Sophomore mathematics and chemistry major from Pleasenton. Outside of ASWC, Gautum Produturi enjoys reading and loves traveling This year in ASWC, Gautum Produturi aims to do good things.

Jeanette Schwensen

Merone Hadush
Merone Hadush is a Freshman potential history major from Seattle, WA. Outside of ASWC, Merone Hadush enjoys playing volleyball and loves Lily Parker This year in ASWC, Merone Hadush aims to whip for Kim all year.

Jayden Dirk
Jayden Dirk is a Freshman history major from Portland, OR. Outside of ASWC, Jayden Dirk enjoys backpacking and loves cheeseburgers This year in ASWC, Jayden Dirk aims to whip 4 Kim.

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