Dennis Young
Dennis Young is a Senior politics major from Denver, CO. Outside of ASWC, Dennis Young enjoys playing boardgames and loves pubmix This year in ASWC, Dennis Young aims to nominate people.

Lily Parker
Lily Parker is a Sophomore politics major from Seattle, WA. Outside of ASWC, Lily Parker enjoys making sure people follow the rules and loves Michelle Obama This year in ASWC, Lily Parker aims to hang out with all my ASWC friends.

AnnaMarie Mcorvie

Natalie Thompson

Ben Cosgrove
Ben Cosgrove is a Sophomore BBMB major from Full City. Outside of ASWC, Ben Cosgrove enjoys running and being in nature and loves people(usually) This year in ASWC, Ben Cosgrove aims to further communication and interaction with the student body.

Christina Dias
Christina Dias is a Sophomore biology major from Redmond, WA. Outside of ASWC, Christina Dias enjoys running and loves cats This year in ASWC, Christina Dias aims to get more involved.

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