Nominations & Appointments  

The Nominations Committee hires for student positions that have a voice in various areas of campus. First, the Nominations Committee hires for College Committees. This includes: 

Student Life Committee

Curriculum Committee

Student Technology Advisory Committee

President’s Sustainability Advisory Committee

Budget Advisory Committee

Bon AppĂ©tit Advisory Committee 

Library Advisory Committee

Health Center Advisory Committee

Second, the Nominations Committee hires for the students that sit on the Council of Student Affairs. This is a judicial board that reviews infractions of college policy, including plagiarism and Title IX cases and makes a decision based on hearings. 

The Nominations Committee solicits applicants using various advertising strategies in liaison with ASWC Communications. Application materials can include cover letters, resumes, and questionnaires varying on the position. The Nominations Committee then evaluates written materials and conducts interviews as appropriate to find the best applicant to hire for the position.  

Nominations and Appointments Chair | Tayva Anderson 


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