Finance Forms

Turn finance forms into the black ASWC mailbox outside our office, Reid 210, or email them to the Finance Chair at (unless they are reimbursement forms, of which we need physical copies and receipts).

Reimbursement Request

Submit the reimbursement request within two weeks of purchase. A Budget Representative may not sign for a reimbursement for him or herself; in such a case, the Club/Organization President or the ASWC Finance Chair must sign to authorize it.

Travel and Student Development Fund Request

The ASWC Travel and Student Development Fund provides students with financial resources for extracurricular/co-curricular projects, service, conferences, conventions, excursions, educational activities, etc. that benefit both the requesting parties and the Whitman College campus.

ASWC Contingency Fund Request

The ASWC Contingency Fund allows ASWC clubs to cover unforeseen costs for which the allocated budget did not account. Ideally, Contingency funding enriches the quality of life of Whitman students.

Service Learning Organization Fund Request

A service-learning organization (SLO) at Whitman College allows students to develop themselves through active participation in thoughtfully organized service in the community.

Green Fund Request

The Green Fund transforms student sustainability policy initiatives into realities that enrich the campus.