Standing College Committees

About the Committees

Student Life Committee – holds meetings when necessary for the purpose of considering any non-academic or non-disciplinary matter relating to student life.  It may recommend changes in existing policies or the creation of new policies or actions in a wide spectrum of campus affairs.  The committee is composed of six students.  Committee members serve 2-year terms.

President’s Budget Advisory Committee – serves as an advisory body to the President’s Council during the formation of the College budget.  It conducts student forums and solicits feedback from students to present these recommendations.  The committee is composed of the ASWC Finance Chair, ASWC President, and three students.  Committee members serve for one academic year.

Library Advisory Committee – makes policy recommendations regarding Penrose Library, archives, and collections.  Committee members serve for one academic year.

Student Technology Advisory Committee – makes policy recommendations regarding technology services on campus.  It works with WCTS staff to promote accessibility and efficacy of technology services.  Committee members serve for their duration at Whitman.

General Studies Committee – is responsible for making recommendations about the introduction of new courses, substantive changes in existing courses, and alteration of curriculum for the General Studies program.  Committee members serve for one academic year.

College Committees 2012-13

Council on Student Affairs

Helen Brown ’15
Molly Dubrovsky ’14
Dandi Huang ’13
Devin Kuh ’13
Keiler Beers ’14
Trevor Miller ’13
Jacob Harwood ’14

Student Life Committee

David Fleming ’14
Brian Choe ’14
Victoria Karschney ’15
Sam Adler ’15
Zach Gordy ’15
Kate McMurchie ’15

President’s Budget Advisory Committee

Sam Sadeghi ’13, ASWC Finance Chair
Tatiana Kaehler ’15
Margaret Yang ’13
Jazz Campbell ’14

Library Advisory Committee

Laura Neff ’15

Student Technology Advisory Committee

Noah Teller ’14
Nick Budak ’14
James Edison ’14

General Studies Committee

Corinne Vandagriff ’15
Spencer May ’13

College Curriculum Committee

Kayvon Behroozian ’14, ASWC President
Marcial Diaz ‘13, ASWC Student Affairs Chair

Bon Appetit Advisory Committee

Savannah McNichol ’16
Andrew Reckers ’16
Brandon Paris ’16
Ali Holmes ’16