Standing College Committees

About the Committees

Student Life Committee – addresses non-academic or non-disciplinary matters relating to student life, often by recommending policy changes.  The committee is composed of six students.  Committee members serve 2-year terms.

President’s Budget Advisory Committee – advises the President’s Council when it forms the college’s budget by using student feedback to make recommendations. The committee is composed of the ASWC Finance Chair, ASWC President, and three students.  Committee members serve for one academic year.

Library Advisory Committee – makes policy recommendations regarding Penrose Library, archives, and collections.  Committee members serve for one academic year.

Student Technology Advisory Committee – makes policy recommendations regarding technology services on campus.  It works with WCTS staff. Committee members serve for their duration at Whitman.

General Studies Committee – recommends new courses, substantive changes in existing courses, and curriculum for the General Studies program.  Committee members serve for one academic year.

Council on Student Affairs

Bon Appetit Advisory Committee

Sustainability Committee

Health Center Advisory Committee

College Committees 2015-2016

Council on Student Affairs

Jon Miranda ’16
Katie Steen ’16
Eloise Willemsen ’16
Dennis Young ’16
Molly Unsworth ’18
Ann Roge ’17 (alternate)
Blake Ladenburg ’17 (alternate)
Lorenzo Silva ’17 (alternate)

Student Life Committee

Rose Gottlieb ’16
Sam Grainger-Shuba ’16
Ryan Witherspoon ’18
Meg Weisselberg ’18
Phuong Le ’16

Budget Advisory Committee

Anya Tudisco ’16, ASWC Finance Chair
John Lee ’16
Noah Stern ’16
Skye Vander Laan ’16

Library Advisory Committee

Margaret Rockey ’16

Student Technology Advisory Committee

Samuel Starr ’16
Ben Shoemake ’16, ASWC Technology Director
Colin McCarthy ’17

General Studies Committee

Ye He ’17
Margaret Rockey ’16

Bon Appetit Advisory Committee

Katie Darrow ’18
Kangqiao Liao ’16
Greg Steigerwald ’18

Sustainability Committee

Linnaea Weld ’16
Lydia Petroske ’18
Eliana Schwartz ’16

Health Center Advisory Committee

Nicole Hodgkinson ’16
Pascale Carpentier ’17
Nikolay Lifshaz ’17

Governing Board Committees 2015-2016

Student Affairs Committee 

Brenna Feeney ’16
Faith Nyakundi ’17

Diversity Committee 

Annie Boyenneh ’16
Annie Want ’17

Enrollment Committee 

Jack Percival ’16
Georgina Dadson ’17

Academic Affairs Committee

Grace McMurchie ’16
Allison Kelly ’16

Tech Task Force

Duy Tran ’16
Jaime Paredes-Torres ’17

Budget Committee

Noah Stern ’16