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On ASWC, there are two types of hiring: hiring for positions working on ASWC and hiring for positions on student, faculty, and staff committees. Right now, we’re hiring for both.

Power & Privilege Executive Director

The role of the Executive Director is to conceptualize and shape the Power and Privilege Symposium and its related events, coordinate the work of the board of directors, and work collaboratively with the ASWC, committee(s), board of directors, and on/off-campus partners.

The Executive Director receives a $2,400 stipend. The role begins July 15, 2020 and ends March 15, 2021. Click here to apply.

Responsibilities and Duties

Lead in establishing the vision for P & P, including researching keynote speakers and pre/closing events in collaboration with the board of directors

Lead the selection of the directors of programming, marketing, and operations

Establish and manage individual and team objectives, timelines, and deadlines

Document and report plan and workflow in collaboration with directors and advisors

Manage and plan for committee meetings, partner meetings, and individual meetings with directors. The recommended meeting schedule:
Directors meetings, 1x a week (1 hr.)
Advisors meetings, 1x a week (0.5-1 hr.)
Committee and partner meetings, as needed (0.5-1 hr.)

Beyond meetings, the Executive Director will need to plan for independent work

Skills and Qualifications

Work collaboratively to lead a team in reaching a collective goal

Work independently: self-driven and motivated 

Set personal and team deadlines and see them through to completion

Communicate effectively and frequently (verbal and written) with individuals and groups

Ability to problem solve

Ability to organize and delegate

Interest in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion

Interest in social justice issues

The application closes on Thursday May 7, 2020 at midnight. Interviews will be conducted online, on a rolling basis between May 5th-May 11th.


The Nominations & Appointments Chair leads the Nominations Committee, which is composed of a few students that will be hire by the Chair as well as an Oversight member. The function of this committee is to hire qualified students to sit on 9 different college committees, the Council on Student Affairs, and to be representatives to the Board of Trustees. Click here to apply.

The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion chair leads the ASWC DEI committee in its mission to initiate or promote policies or actions that address equity and inclusion on campus. This work may involve working with both students and administration as well as other committees and can cover a wide variety of issues such as testing accommodations for religious observance, or ways to increase the reach of the Counseling Center. Click here to apply.

The sustainability Chair leads the ASWC Sustainability committee and works with other sustainability-related organizations on campus to initiate sustainability-related policies and actions with students and administration. This position helps oversee the Green Fund and Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund which provide financial support to sustainability projects. Click here to apply.

The Communications Chair oversees the Communications Committee, which is in charge of maintaining ASWC’s presence on campus and upholding a relationship with the student body. Large projects include assisting Oversight with elections, analyzing social media statistics, and helping with larger projects such as Whitman’s Virtual Campus. Daily tasks include weekly email newsletters, social media postings, creating/brainstorming graphic advertising for posters and/or online posts. The Communications Chair is also in frequent contact with other members of ASWC about projects to promote, positions to hire, and other relevant ASWC news. Click here to apply.

Campus Committees

Campus committees such as the Student Life Committee, Council on Student Affairs, or the Budget Advisory Committee are formed through the work of ASWC, on the Nominations & Appointments Committee. Below are the current positions that Nominations & Appointments is hiring for:

The Budget Advisory Committee serves as an advisory body to the President and Trustees during the formation of the College budget. It conducts student forums and solicits feedback from students to present these recommendations. In addition to faculty and staff representatives, the committee is composed of the ASWC Finance Chair and three students. Click here to apply.

The Council on Student Affairs is a judicial board with faculty members and students that hear infraction cases of college policies (i.e. Title IX infractions, Sexual Misconduct Policy, plagiarism). You will receive extensive training on these policies, such as the Sexual Misconduct Policy, and will be responsible for serving the campus community as a peer adjudicating body. Members attend regular meetings and policy training sessions, although the committee will meet more often when cases are being heard. Training dates in the fall are mandatory and will be relayed upon appointment. Click here to apply.

The Sustainability Advisory Committee is a committee created for the purposes of promoting environmental stewardship among members of the Whitman Community through programs of education and awareness. Members of this committee will work to support and promote initiatives of students, staff, and faculty that serve to enhance the College’s sustainability. Furthermore, members on this committee will work closely with the administration to further the College’s long-term environmental goals. Members will work to uphold Whitman’s environmental principles and advocate for practices aimed at reducing Whitman’s impact on the environment. Click here to apply.

ASWC committees include Oversight, Student Outreach, Communications, Nominations & Appointments, Finance, Sustainability, and Diversity & Inclusion. Members of ASWC consist of committee members and committee chairs. Each committee chair meets weekly as the Executive Council to discuss long-term projects and goals. The President guides committees, committee chairs, and committee members to support each other and collaborate. Together, members and chairs form the ASWC Senate. Scroll below to see open positions, either on a committee or as a committee chair.