Announcements about applications for positions on ASWC.

Whitman the Translucent?

The sudden appearance of signs outside Memorial and suit-clad strangers made one thing quite clear: the Trustees have arrived.

Though Whitman students have always been active members of their college community, recent calls for transparency signal students’ desire for an even deeper involvement in the college. Whether in circulating surveys, on the Pioneer’s front page, or with statistics on posters, the buzzword engages diverse groups in campus-wide discussion.

This week, the beginning of the 2016 Global Studies Symposium, “Human Zoos: Photography, Race, and Empire,” involved students, faculty, and visiting professors in a conversation regarding the roots of racism. As explained in a widely distributed petition and Pioneer articles, faculty and students alike were surprised by the revocation of course releases for professors on the Global Studies Steering Committee. Over three hundred community members called for the “transparent and inclusive” consideration of the Symposium, leading to an ASWC Resolution that expressed support for Global Studies. While an enlightening experience on its own, the Symposium also serves as a reminder of student-administration disconnects over the role of transparency.

In December, ASWC Vice President Arthur Shemitz hosted a Town Hall dedicated to ascertaining the tangible goals and concerns related to transparency. Shemitz explored how “[t]ransparency is a really perennial issue” due to “consequential decisions [that] have been made” without consulting students. Nevertheless, Shemitz added, “students are involved when Trustees come to town” through their participation on governing boards. Though the lack of a working microphone at this event complicated the conversation, students’ desire for greater representation remained clear.

In addition to conceptualizing ways for the Board to increase transparency, ASWC invites all students to apply for a position on a college committee or governing board; each board deliberates on a certain facet of Whitman College, student-related or administrative, and meets with the Board of Trustees biannually. Email a resume and cover letter to to apply for open governing board positions Of course, students can always contact with any suggestions or concerns.

Bike Share Intern — Hiring through November 29th


Cycling enthusiast? Passionate about sustainability? ASWC Sustainability Director Dani Hupper and Sustainability Coordinator Tristan Sewell are sponsoring an internship for Whitman’s soon-to-be revitalized Bike Share program. Until November 29th, interested students can apply for the chance to maintain bicycles, re-write a participant contract, establish user feedback, and more for a salary of $10/hour. Interns will be expected to work roughly four hours per week beginning next Spring. Please send questions, resumes, and cover letters to:

Apply for the Oversight Committee!

The Oversight Committee is a five-member committee in charge of running elections on campus, handling any complaints about ASWC, and acting as an impartial body to help ASWC understand the By-laws and Constitution that govern it.  They attend weekly Oversight and Senate committee meetings as well as all Senate meetings and supervise various other ASWC entities. Thorough knowledge of ASWC’s Constitution and By-laws as well as Robert’s Rules of Order is an integral part of the Oversight Committee. Committee members receive training and support in their role as well as a small stipend. Work outside of weekly meetings is expected and the time commitment is approximately 5-8 hours per week.

Three open positions on the Council on Student Affairs

The Council convenes when a serious infraction of Whitman’s policy has taken place, with grievances ranging from Title IX to Plagiarism. It is made up of students, faculty, and staff, and meets irregularly. Because of balance requirements, we are seeking one male senior and one female senior for the Council, as well as one male alternate (either senior or sophomore).

Applications are due September 16th. Interested students should email to apply!

Two open positions on the Nominations Committee

Become an appointed member to the ASWC Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee reviews applications, conducts interviews, and selects students to serve in a variety of important positions on campus. Members will gain unique insight into the selection process, and will learn how to effectively and critically analyze cover letters, resumes, and interviews, and how to select the best suited applicants for each position.

Applications are due September 10th. Interested students should email to apply!

Run ​for the Sustainability Director Position!

The ASWC Sustainability Director will sit on the college’s Sustainability Advisory Committee and will perform community outreach and advocate for greater sustainability while meeting regularly with the ASWC Vice-President. This position will receive a reasonable working budget from the ASWC Contingency and/or Green fund and an appropriate stipend.

Petitions for the Sustainability Director position are available here and are due on September 12th by 4:00 PM.

Join the Communications Committee! 

The Communications Committee is the awesome creative branch of ASWC that deals with marketing and connecting students to their representatives. We are currently looking to fill three positions for the 2014-2015 school year:

Applications have been extended to Wednesday, May 7th. Click the position title for more information and the application. We look forward to hearing from you!