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Senate Round Up Number 5

At the final ASWC senate meeting of the Fall 2013 semester, Japanese Cooking Club’s request for ASWC recognition was tabled due to concerns regarding the club’s constitutional requirement for membership fees.  ASWC also recognized Archery Club and passed a finance request from Challah for Hunger.  Finally, the Oversight Committee reported its investigation of junior senator […]

Senator Snapshot: Seniors

Seniors, meet your senators!   Jane Carmody Major: Politics Something unique about her hometown: My hometown Albuquerque, NM hosts the world’s largest hot air balloon festival during the month of October. Favorite fruits: Strawberries and blueberries! Goal in ASWC this year: I am mostly working on a car sharing program and researching the possibility of a January or June term […]

Senate Round-Up #4

At the fourth ASWC senate meeting, the ASWC Communications Committee introduced itself, three students were appointed to the Sustainability Advisory Committee, and a resolution about race issues on campus was passed after extensive detailed debate. The Finance Committee allocated $400 to pay for part of the cost of bringing Jackson Katz to campus and $450 for students […]

ASWC and WEB Wednesdays

A brief Q and A with sophomore senator Allison Kelly about one of her initiatives for this year, ASWC and WEB Wednesdays. 1) What exactly is an ASWC/WEB Wednesday? Allison: ASWC and WEB Wednesdays allow students to connect and respond to ASWC and WEB. Students and other members of the Whitman community wishing to voice their […]

Senate Round-Up #3

On November 3, 2013, the three hours of the third ASWC Senate meeting were packed with the passage of two amendments and the approval of a finance request as well as much impassioned discussion. ASWC officially purchased a new theme for its website and looks to implement it soon.  The first ASWC newsletter was published; […]

Senate Round-Up #2

At the second ASWC senate meeting, ASWC discussed how to improve senator outreach, ratified Whitman Action Games, amended a bylaw, and appointed Emily Jones and Dalton Cooper  to the Bon App Food Committee. ASWC ratified Whitman Action Games (WAG), this year’s reconfiguration of the now-defunct Campus Gamers club.  WAG coordinates Humans vs. Zombies annually.  With […]

Senate Round-Up #1

On Oct. 6, 2013, ASWC held a successful first Senate meeting. ASWC ratified two clubs, Campus Progressives and All Students for Consent. Campus Progressives is a political club whose mission is to “educate, advocate and mobilize” through workshops, volunteering, debates, video screenings, and more.  For more information, you can view their website here. ASC hopes to […]