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Please consider taking the 1st Annual ASWC Student Satisfaction Survey. The purpose of this survey is: For students to share their Whitman College experiences with fellow students. To locate elements of campus with which students are dissatisfied. To inform projects student leaders undertake to improve student life.

New ASWC Constitution on the Ballot

On Sunday, April 8th and Monday, April 9th, Whitman students will have the opportunity to approve a constitution expected to clarify and enhance the relationship between them and the student governing body.   The new constitution is the latest in a line of actions ASWC has undertaken to restructure itself, following the recent adoption of […]

ASWC Adopts New Multiple-Vice President Model

Over the past few weeks, a number of ASWC Executive Council positions have gained some additional prestige – and responsibilities – as the Senate voted to elevate them from ordinary committee chair positions to co-Vice Presidents of the governing body.   Alongside the pre-existing Vice President position, now renamed Vice President of Legislative Affairs, three […]


Shortly following the election of this year’s first-year Senators, ASWC hosted a weekend retreat at the Johnston Wilderness Center, during which a number of goals for 2017-2018 were discussed. One of the most popular ideas brought up was to change ASWC’s payment system from a bi-annual stipend to an hourly minimum wage.   Could such […]


ASWC has taken a big step toward a sustainable renewable energy policy for Whitman, passing a resolution that would encourage the campus to add solar panels to new campus roof installations.   Passed on October 29th, the resolution stipulates that any time a roof on campus is renovated, or a new roof is constructed, the […]

ASWC Office Hours

Starting this semester, the ASWC Executive Council will institute weekly open office hours in order to better communicate with the Whitman community. Each week will have a different theme, which will correspond with a topic that comes up during Senate or a prevalent issue on campus. Inquiries need not address the theme. ASWC president Arthur […]