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And the Credits Roll

With mixed emotions, ASWC held Senate on May 1st to bid the year adieu and usher in a new season of student representation. ASWC President-elect Arthur Shemitz announced the hiring of a new Club Director and Executive Director of Communications, while noting that he felt “very melancholy” about the graduation of ASWC President Jack Percival. […]

Special Senate

To the delight of all involved, ASWC held a “special Senate” this past Sunday to discuss Divestment, debate campaigning rules, and plan for the upcoming year. While Sexuality Misconduct Prevention Advocate Katie Steen promoted her sex-positive “Sextravaganza” week (which commences on Saturday, April 30th) ASWC President Jack Percival announced that the Board of Trustees will hold […]

“Knocking’s Good”

In the intended penultimate Senate of the 2015-2016 school year, ASWC focused on transitioning into the upcoming year, continuing to pursue long-term projects, and wrapping up smaller initiatives. President-elect Arthur Shemitz promoted applications for Executive Council positions, and thanked students for their input on the Socially Responsible Investment Framework Working Group’s latest policy draft. Anya […]

We All Scream (for Transparency)

Though it occurred over a month ago, the latest Town Hall’s topic of transparency remains just as pertinent today. Vice President Arthur Shemitz launched a large-group discussion with an overview of ASWC’s goals and accomplishments, including the success of his Personal Gender Pronoun initiative and the Bike Share Program revitalization. As well as noting that […]

Senate Goes to the Ball

Thanks to ASWC Executive Director of Communications Abby Seethoff, the ASWC Senate last met in Reid Ballroom to provide a welcoming environment for visitors. As usual, the Executive Council began Senate by updating ASWC on their committees’ endeavors. Finance Chair Anya Tudisco welcomed questions and suggestions for the Finance committee’s upcoming budgeting meeting. Jon Miranda, […]

Post-Sundae Sunday

Following a Town Hall brimming with ice cream sundaes and talk of Transparency, Senate met again to discuss upcoming events and initiatives. Finance Committee Chair Anya Tudisco announced the launch of the “Walla Wallet” blog, where students and student organization talk about their use of T+SD funds. Oversight Chair Jon Miranda heralded upcoming ASWC elections: […]

On The Gas Station Issue

As submissions for its Binary issue wrapped up, Quarterlife’s staff prepared for upcoming leadership transitions and looming publication deadlines. To guarantee the continued quirkiness of Whitman’s quarterly literary magazine, ASWC Nominations Chair AnnaMarie McCorvie brought Brie Strom and Gillian Gray to Senate for their confirmation as next year’s Co-Editors in Chief. Gray, currently studying abroad, […]

The Minutes Roll On

ASWC’s last Senate preceded a week of Sustainability Summit presentations, Town Hall discussions, and plenty of WEB events. President Jack Percival began the meeting by reminding Senators of their “duty to their peers” to both faithfully attend ASWC events and maintain contact with constituents. Vice President Arthur Shemitz announced his intention to pursue this goal by […]

Securing Sustainability

As heralded in press releases, the Pioneer (new name TBD), and this selfsame blog, upon the passage of Act SAS16.2, ASWC’s Senate became the first US college to self-impose a carbon tax, a system that changes how students request funding from the Travel and Student Development Fund (T+SD) to account for carbon emissions.  Starting next year, requesting […]

Senate on the Seventh

The second Senate of the spring 2016 semester began, as it often does, with a reflection on the role and goals of student representatives. President Jack Percival warned Senators not to “try to eliminate conflict from our conversation  [because it’s] important […] and part of our duty as student representatives.” Jack also reported that he communicated […]