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To the delight of all involved, ASWC held a “special Senate” this past Sunday to discuss Divestment, debate campaigning rules, and plan for the upcoming year. While Sexuality Misconduct Prevention Advocate Katie Steen promoted her sex-positive “Sextravaganza” week (which commences on Saturday, April 30th) ASWC President Jack Percival announced that the Board of Trustees will hold an on-campus meeting this week. In his presentation to the Board, Percival plans to discuss work-study programs, the Pioneer’s name change, WIDE’s new strategic plan, and the possibility of Divestment.

After welcoming the group “to this weird Senate,” Nominations Chair AnnaMarie McCorvie oversaw the confirmation of Olivia Barry as Whitman Events Board Chair. Though currently studying abroad, Barry’s excitement and aptitude under stress became clear in her and Olivia Hagel’s messages to the Senate.

McCorvie then introduced Danica Wilbanks, Mickey Shin, and Zoe Lahaie as the future Editors-in-Chief and Publisher of Waiilatpu. Despite lingering concerns over the yearbook’s new fall release schedule and lack of a business model, the leaders’ abundant passion won over the senate. Additionally, Zoe Lahaie announced possibly changing the yearbook’s name, due to the misappropriation of the term “Waiilatpu” from the Cayuse people.

Oversight Chair Jon Miranda led the Senate in considering sanctions for two groups of Junior Senate candidates who continued to campaign during the voting period (which is prohibited). Although Miranda strongly advocated for the candidates’ disqualification and NoahLani Nitwinsella argued that “disqualification is the only option for a sanction,” the Senate carefully considered the implication of such action; Executive Director of Communications Abby Seethoff weighed the impact of ASWC seeming “too harsh” versus “too soft.” After much debate, the Senate took the advice of Finance Chair Anya Tudisco and put the offending parties on probation.

Previously tabled Resolution SRS16.2 returned to Senate in a different format, which advocates that the Trustees issue an updated official response to Divestment. Anya Tudisco expressed her full support for the resolution and Senator Mitch Cutter even suggested adoption by acclamation, though Senator Caroline Bauwens rejected the motion. Still, the resolution passed unanimously in time for the Trustees’ visit.

Finally, the Senate quickly and unanimously passed Act SAS16.3, legislation written by Executive Director of Communications Abby Seethoff that thoroughly documents the responsibilities of her Committee.

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