We All Scream (for Transparency)

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Though it occurred over a month ago, the latest Town Hall’s topic of transparency remains just as pertinent today. Vice President Arthur Shemitz launched a large-group discussion with an overview of ASWC’s goals and accomplishments, including the success of his Personal Gender Pronoun initiative and the Bike Share Program revitalization. As well as noting that “transparency is really a perennial issue” of student concern, Shemitz acknowledged a large gap between “what is being done and what we know about what is being done.” On the other hand, he urged students to consider that the “complex tightrope” of evaluating which decisions should take student input into account.

Immediately following, President Jack Percival took the stage to present on the larger structure of Whitman College. With the aid of a graphic by ASWC Graphic Designer Dorothy Mukasa, Percival illuminated the complex system of committees and interactions that supports this institution. Though a complete analysis would require hours rather than minutes, President Percival’s clarification equipped Town Hall attendees to conduct more in-depth conversations.

As always, Town Hall attendees learned how to make an impact on their communities through engagement with ASWC. Voting periods for Executive Council seats and Senator positions, for example, open on April 10th and 20th, respectively.

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