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Thanks to ASWC Executive Director of Communications Abby Seethoff, the ASWC Senate last met in Reid Ballroom to provide a welcoming environment for visitors. As usual, the Executive Council began Senate by updating ASWC on their committees’ endeavors. Finance Chair Anya Tudisco welcomed questions and suggestions for the Finance committee’s upcoming budgeting meeting. Jon Miranda, head of the Oversight Committee, encouraged ASWC members to campaign for or vote in another upcoming event—ASWC’s elections! Current President Jack Percival continues to advocate for student interests, recently urging faculty to cancel classes for the next three Power & Privilege Symposiums.

Anna Zheng, Executive Director of this year’s Symposium, attended Senate to review the event’s successes and opportunities for growth. Though more students attended lunch rather than any single session, Zheng proudly reported 100% attendance. The program’s future, she noted, “depends on the leadership style of the next Executive Director,” who has not yet been hired.

Lyman residents Tyee Williams, Joe Jolley, and Erick Franklund presented the constitution of the Golf Disc Club for ASWC ratification. Though the sport already has a large following at Whitman, the group hopes to set up a disc golf basket to unify players across campus. In addition, they plan to offer transportation to full courses in the Walla Walla area.

Rajesh Narayan, first-year Computer Science enthusiast, gave Senate what may be the most passionate club presentation in recent ASWC history. The Whitman College Computer Science Club will help students to join teams and work on open-source projects. Anya Tudisco explained that the club will be able to “row alongside the [Computer Science] department.”

ASWC also ratified Planned Parenthood Generation Action, a club that aims to support Planned Parenthood and eventually “translate that volunteering into activism.” Beginning in April, the group will hold themed bimonthly meetings to catalyze discussion about the intersectionality of feminism. With highly qualified leaders and a great connection to the community, the club received the Senate’s approval.

AnnaMarie McCorvie supported Steven Aslin in his confirmation to the Student Life Governing Board Committee and Sienna Rahe in hers to the Enrollment Committee. Aslin, who feels “passionate about […] sexual violence prevention,” commanded the Senate with his public speaking skills and plans for reaching students. And though going test-optional seemed “a little smaller than taking the need-blind step” to Sienna Rahe, the dedicated first-year hopes to push for both on the Enrollment Committee.

In passing Act SAS 16.5, ASWC solidified the position of Sustainability Director, currently held by Dani Hupper. Senior Senator Gillian Friedman suggested that “if we believe that sustainability is integral to the college, we need to believe in the [Sustainability Director] position as well”; the Senate unanimously agreed.

Sunday’s Ballroom Senate succeeded tremendously in publicizing ASWC affairs, and the upcoming elections promise to allow even more student input.



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