Post-Sundae Sunday

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Following a Town Hall brimming with ice cream sundaes and talk of Transparency, Senate met again to discuss upcoming events and initiatives. Finance Committee Chair Anya Tudisco announced the launch of the “Walla Wallet” blog, where students and student organization talk about their use of T+SD funds. Oversight Chair Jon Miranda heralded upcoming ASWC elections: Executive Council elections are April 10-11 and voting for senator races, for which we still need candidates, will happen April 20-21. Whitman students can now rent bikes from the library thanks to Noah Edelson, the first Bike Share Program Intern. ASWC President Jack Percival updated the senate on “dealing with Pio shenanigans” and working with Tony Cabasco to explore Whitman’s standardized test requirement.

After singing “Happy Birthday” to first-year senator Erin Lopez, the Senate considered ratifying the Young Democrats’ Club. Though all club meeting attendees have thus far been “fervent Bernie supporters,” co-Presidents Mateo and James described their group’s goal as simply “provid[ing] resources” for political engagement. Concerns about the club’s longevity notwithstanding, the Senate agreed with its belief that Whitman “needs more of a political voice” and ratified the club.

Nominations Chair AnnaMarie McCorvie oversaw the successful confirmation of Kincaid Hoffman, Kanupria Sanu, and Samuel Reddy to the President’s Budget Advisory Committee (Reddy also joined the Budget Governing Board Committee). All three nominees demonstrated strong leadership skills and experience in the financial sector, whether as Kappa Alpha Beta budget manager or a Goldman-Sachs asset manager. Anya Tudisco and Skye Vander Laan, current Advisory Committee members, offered their advice and support for the trio and advised them that they are about to embark on a stressful—though rewarding—journey.

Chris Meabe, Budget Manager for the Interest House Community, visited Senate to relate his discovery of significant budget mismanagement during the Fall 2015 semester due to a lack of communication. In response to Meabe’s investigation and creation of a more reliable  system of reporting spending, the Senate awarded the IHC $550 to provide for its programming needs.

Leaders of the upcoming Red Rocks climbing group received funding for gas expenses for their Spring Break trip, while Oversight Chair Jon Miranda explained that Waiilatpu yearbooks can be distributed in the fall based on his interpretation of ASWC’s by-laws. Despite Nomination Chair McCorvie’s desire to “open a discussion” about the change’s logistical impact, the Senate decided to keep conversation germane to Miranda’s decision.

Student Life Committee Chair Arthur Shemitz introduced Act SAS 16.4, which reauthorizes the Power and Privilege Symposium for 2017. Shemitz described the Symposium as “a young thing that is constantly evolving”; this year, hiring procedures and group organizations underwent revision.

To conclude March 6th’s Senate, Tudisco reported ASWC’s remaining budget and Percival noted that only three Senate meetings remain.

Note: In an ASWC first, Chris Meabe stayed at Senate after his request was discussed and even asked a question regarding the Waiilatpu budget; the whole of Senate very much appreciated his interest.

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