Senate Recap 4/12/15

The Senate convened for its third to last meeting of the school year this past Sunday, covering some new legislation, continuing the solidification of next fall’s campus wide leadership positions, and beginning to ponder the transition into next year. The Whitman Tabletop Games club, already an appreciated presence on campus with regular, popular game nights in the Lyman Lounge, was formally recognized by ASWC. The ratification of the will open new doors and give the club a chance to expand its following and its impact in the community.

New legislation included a resolution urging the Encounters course to require the use of trigger warnings for texts with specific instances of sexual assault, physical and gun violence, and suicide or self harm. Despite a mixed, hesitant response from the program, (a reflection of the current national debate about the need for trigger warnings) the Senate passed the resolution. Another new piece of legislation modified the ASWC Election Scholarship Fund to be set at $300 instead of $1000, a more reasonable choice given the amount the fund is actually used.

Nominations presented the appointment of Jessica Palacios ’16 and Linnea Weld ‘16 as next year’s blue moon editors-in-chief, two highly qualified individuals who look forward to next year’s possibilities both in terms of the actual publication and the advertising component.

Gillian Gray ’17 and Meritt Salathe ‘16 will serve as next year’s quarterlife editors-in-chief. Their passion and dedication to preserving the unique, accessible, and quirky image of quarterlife will serve the publication very well. The future of both magazines is bright.

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