First-year Feature

Meet the lovely ladies of the 2014-2015 first-year senator delegation!

Deepraj Pawar

What drew her to Whitman: The amazing atmosphere when I visited. Everyone was so kind, supportive and motivated. I also loved how much opportunity there was and how active most students were on campus.
The best thing she’s eaten in the last three days: I had a pulled pork sandwich from Olive with my mom and it was amazing.
First Year Senator Deepraj Pawar
What she hopes to accomplish with ASWC this year: I’m planning on working specifically on class unity, but I also hope to make a lot of other changes on campus however I can. I’d like to see some new clubs on campus and hope to work with constituents on that. I’d also hope to pass more positive legislation through senate like the test-optional resolution we recently passed.
What has surprised her about Whitman so far: How quickly I was able to adjust to college and find a niche here both surprised me and made me appreciate Whitman even more.
Analog or digital clocks? Why? Analog clocks are just so much more classic!


Emma Bishop

What drew her to Whitman: All the amazing, fun, and talented individuals I met when visiting.  The school offers a unique range of opportunities for its students as well.

The best thing she’s eaten in the last three days: I love the Graze portobello mushroom panini. First Year Senator Emma Bishop

What she hopes to accomplish with ASWC this year: I really want to focus on improving relations between the Walla Walla community and Whitman college in an effort to burst the Whitman bubble.  My efforts will also lie heavily in any green initiatives and efforts to improve all forms of diversity on campus.

What has surprised her about Whitman so far: I am afraid I can’t think of any giant surprises.

Analog or digital clocks? Why? I use my phone as a clock; the less objects cluttering my room the better!


Emily Bowen

What drew her to Whitman: The indescribable vibe I felt every time I stepped on campus. It felt welcoming, it felt alive, it felt like home. Well, thats pretty cheesy but I honestly couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. I met some wonderful professors, was intrigued by the variety of both academic and non-academic programs Whitman offered, and in general saw so many smiling faces during my visits that I could tell students were happy here.First Year Senator Emily Bowen

The best thing she’s eaten in the last three days: Probably french toast, hash browns, and classic cheesy eggs offered by the premiere Prentiss brunch crew…doesn’t get any better.

What she hopes to accomplish with ASWC this year: I hope to accomplish many of the goals and promises I made to my peers while running for office. I hope to cultivate more unity between students of different races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations through campus programming and also hope to encourage policy discussion and change on the topic of economic diversity at Whitman. Additionally, I had told my peers I was interested in adopting more green initiatives on campus and advocating for better safety and accessibility on campus. I’ve also taken a great interest in my time thus far in working toward increasing student input in the faculty tenure process, empowering the Whitman Health Center to promote and progress their services to students, working together with other senators on a testing-optional admission policy, and becoming more involved with the Sustainability Director (and other first-year senators) to take initiative in implanting green policies on campus that students want.

What has surprised her about Whitman so far: Whitman has surprised me with the vast quantity and quality of academic and non-academic services they provide, the endless food options offered in the dining halls, the supreme merit and intelligence of professors in all areas and the sprawling diversity of clubs that I have yet to become a part of!

Analog or digital clocks? Why? I would have to say analog clocks, they’re pretty classic…although binary clocks are where its at.


AnnaMarie Corvie

What drew her to Whitman: My life goal to be as rad as the ASWC president, Tatiana Kaehler. I had to come here to study her closely.

The best thing she’s eaten in the last three days: The BonAp spaghetti bake.First Year Senator AnnaMarie McCorvie

What she hopes to accomplish with ASWC this year: I hope to improve communication between committees, clubs, and other groups on campus with ASWC, as well as moving towards a more socioeconomically diverse campus with real resources for the issues this presents.

What has surprised her about Whitman so far: I have been absolutely floored by the number of Birkenstocks. Wear real shoes.

Analog or digital clocks? Why? Digital clocks, specifically because I do not own any analog clocks.

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