Power & Privilege Chairperson

Job Description: 

1) To oversee the planning of the Power & Privilege Symposium as a whole. This includes working collaboratively with logistics, marketing, and content committees (and chairs) to make sure they are meeting deadlines and expectations.

2) Represent the Power and Privilege Planning Committee in engaging with the administration and community.

3) Appoint a budget manager and a faculty contact and assist them in their duties.

4) Create a timetable for the the planning process in collaboration with previous Chair.

5) Set clear expectations for each committee and chair including deadlines and projects.

6) Organize and facilitate weekly meetings with all Symposium planning members.

7) Meet with committee chairs (weekly or biweekly).

8) Lead the search for the Keynote speaker.

9) Head the planning for the opening and closing ceremonies.

10) Keep ASWC President and Finance Chair up to date in planning process.

Applications EXTENDED to Friday, May 9th. The application can be found here

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