Why are there fewer senior senators this semester?

After Nilce Alvarez ’14 resigned from her position as senior senator at the beginning of the semester, the Oversight Committee worked hard to try to fill the vacancy but ended up leaving it open.  Oversight asked each student who ran for the position in the spring of 2013 if they were interested in becoming a senior senator for the rest of this semester, but all of them declined.  Oversight did not hear back from all of the candidates until mid-February; given that interim elections take at least four weeks (as mandated in the by-laws), the new senator would have been able to attend only two senate meetings.  Furthermore, this senator would have been thrust onto the Student Affairs Committee, a commitment that often requires individual legislative initiative on the part of its members.  Furthermore, an interim election at this point would have coincided with general election season for next year, which Oversight deemed potentially confusing.  These factors, taken together, led Oversight to decide not to hold an interim election.

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