Governing Board Committee Open Positions

Student Affairs (1 Open Position)

The Student Affairs student representative should have the ability to interpret and engage in discussions about, the idea of a holistic “Whitman Experience,” which incorporates the experiences of all students on campus no matter their respective campus affiliations. The representative should know about the day-to- day events of the campus on a student level and feel comfortable fielding questions on a variety of issues that directly affect their fellow students. The Student Affairs committee works with the dean of students, the provost and dean of faculty, the faculty, the president, and the governing boards to address issues concerning the conditions and quality of life on campus.


Diversity: (1 Open Position)

The Diversity Committee student representative must be willing to engage and participate in tough and frank discussions about the state of diversity at Whitman. They should be knowledgeable about student level diversity initiatives and issues throughout campus, and feel comfortable providing input on the effectiveness of diversity policies on their peers’ experiences. Discussions in this committee often focus on “the big picture” and long-term goals, which a student representative should be able to contribute to accordingly. The Diversity committee explores issues related to creating a learning environment at Whitman that attracts and embraces a more ethnically diverse student body, faculty, and community at Whitman.

Enrollment: (1 open Position)

The Enrollment Committee student representative should be familiar and well versed with the complete enrollment process at Whitman. The representative should have substantial experience with the Office of Admissions in a formal capacity, which entails awareness of enrollment terms, overall ideology, and thoughts on how to improve the process. The ideal representative is genuinely interested and enthusiastic about issues of enrollment. The Enrollment Committee works with the dean of admission and financial aid, the faculty, the president, the provost and dean of faculty and the governing boards to address issues concerning the recruitment, retention, graduation and academic progress of Whitman students.

Technology Task Force: (1 position Open)

The Technology Task Force is a relatively informal group that strives to advise and enhance the efforts of the Whitman College Technology Services. The Task Force has a higher percentage of non-Board members, and does not meet if there are no pressing issues. Those applying to the Technology Task Force should have technological-backgrounds, as the position requires student members to advise and interact with WCTS on an individual basis when warranted.

Applications are due on April 11th, 2014 and can be found here

Email the nominations chair, Rania Mussa at for more information. 

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