Congratulating the Pioneer and blue moon!

Campus Media Organizations are a significant part of ASWC’s undertakings; here, we’ll take a moment to celebrate some of their achievements!

blue moon just received the Silver Crown Award, a national distinction, from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for Volume 26 from last year.  blue moon has won either Gold or Silver crowns from them for the past several years.  In addition, ASWC funded blue moon’s attendance of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference in Seattle earlier this year.

In the fall, the Pioneer’s website was honored with the National Online Pacemaker Award, which is often considered the Pulitzer Prize of college journalism.  At the Associated Collegiate Press Spring Conference in San Diego in February, the Pioneer magazine, The Circuit, was awarded second place in the Best of Show category.

Power & Privilege Chairperson

Job Description: 

1) To oversee the planning of the Power & Privilege Symposium as a whole. This includes working collaboratively with logistics, marketing, and content committees (and chairs) to make sure they are meeting deadlines and expectations.

2) Represent the Power and Privilege Planning Committee in engaging with the administration and community.

3) Appoint a budget manager and a faculty contact and assist them in their duties.

4) Create a timetable for the the planning process in collaboration with previous Chair.

5) Set clear expectations for each committee and chair including deadlines and projects.

6) Organize and facilitate weekly meetings with all Symposium planning members.

7) Meet with committee chairs (weekly or biweekly).

8) Lead the search for the Keynote speaker.

9) Head the planning for the opening and closing ceremonies.

10) Keep ASWC President and Finance Chair up to date in planning process.

Applications EXTENDED to Friday, May 9th. The application can be found here

Join the Communications Committee! 

The Communications Committee is the awesome creative branch of ASWC that deals with marketing and connecting students to their representatives. We are currently looking to fill three positions for the 2014-2015 school year:

Applications have been extended to Wednesday, May 7th. Click the position title for more information and the application. We look forward to hearing from you!

Senate Round Up April 20

At the April 20 senate meeting, ASWC approved several nominations, passed some legislation, approved the 2014-2015 budget, and recognized GlobeMed as a Service Learning Organization (SLO).

An SLO participates in “thoughtfully organized service” and “fosters visible civic responsibility and engagement” according to the Finance definition.  An SLO can also access the Service Learning Fund, which will have $2,500 next year.

The senate appointed Annie Boyenneh to the Diversity Committee, Faith Nyakundi to the Student Affairs Committee, and Georgina Dadson to the Enrollment Committee.

After being tabled at the last Senate meeting, Act SAS 14.3, the Power and Privilege Symposium Act was passed having been changed so that the Power and Privilege chairperson will be selected by WEB instead of the Nominations Committee.

ASWC also passed Act SAS 14.4 in the continuing effort to streamline the legislative process. This act amends the bylaws so that when students initiate an act through the referendum process, the referendum’s writer must appear before the Student Affairs Committee for legislative input and the text of the referendum must be submitted to the Oversight Chair two weeks prior to elections. Furthermore, a referendum now requires a voter turnout of 15% instead of 20% and a simple majority to pass.

ASWC also approved next year’s budget, allocating a grand total of $525,960. Many clubs received less money than they requested because it is better to fund new events and initiatives with money from contingency. Club sports funding increased by $5,000. Waiilatpu received more money so that it can distribute free yearbooks again next year.

To see the full minutes, click here.


Apply to be ASWC Club Director

The Club Director sits on the Executive Council and Finance Committee, and works to support and oversee over 50 ASWC-recognized student clubs and organizations on campus. This is a full-year position.

Key duties include:

  • Maintaining constant communication with club representatives
  • Helping new clubs bring quality constitutions to the Senate
  • Being approachable and willing to go to club meetings
  • Maintaining an intricate understanding of club by-laws
  • Developing and maintaining club constitutions
  • Assisting clubs with matters pertaining to ASWC
  • Organizing the activities fair and club leadership symposium at the beginning of the year
  • Collaborating with the ASWC vice-president to execute Town Hall

Necessary skills include:

  • Close attention to detail
  • Demonstrated leadership experience, preferably in a club on campus
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Enthusiasm for clubs!

Experience in club leadership positions and/or leadership within ASWC is recommended, but not required. This is a paid (stipend) position. Further questions about the job can be directed to the current ASWC Club Director, Nate Higby, at The application can be found here and must be submitted by Friday, May 2nd at 5 pm.


*Link to Faculty Liaison here*

Apply to be ASWC Faculty Liaison

The ASWC Faculty Liaison sits on the Executive Council, and works closely with Whitman faculty and the ASWC President. The Faculty Liaison is a new position to ASWC, and is intended to increase communication between the student body and faculty regarding issues that relate to academics, tenure, and student-faculty relations. This is a full-year position.

Key duties include:

  • Sitting on the Executive Council and going to Senate meetings
  • Initiating and attending meetings with faculty members from a variety of disciplines
  • Working with ASWC Senators and Executive Council members to write any relevant legislation
  • Starting and leading a committee, if deemed necessary

Necessary skills include:

  • Passion for the Whitman community and academics
  • Willingness to devote significant time and effort to spearheading initiatives
  • Self-starter who is able to work productively with minimal supervision
  • Excellent organization and attention to detail
  • Leadership intangibles: personable, engaging, and professional
  • Ability to execute ideas and plan effectively
  • Innovative problem solver

We’re looking for is someone who is dedicated to making substantial, positive change on the Whitman campus, with the support of the ASWC President and ASWC as a whole. This is a paid (stipend) position. Further questions about the job can be directed to ASWC President-elect, Tatiana Kaehler, at The application can be found here and must be submitted by Friday, May 2nd at 5 pm.

Check your mail!

ASWC envelopes

Hello followers of all things ASWC,

As part of my personal initiative for ASWC Communications this semester, I decided to send handwritten notes in handmade envelopes to randomly selected students.  I mailed the first round on Friday; check your mail to see if you were one of the lucky recipients!


Abby Seethoff

ASWC Communications Copy Editor

Know Your Nine

IX copy

This is an information session for students to understand how Title IX works at Whitman and what the process is for reporting an incident of rape or sexual assault.
Speakers will include Clare Carson, Juli Dunn and Barbara Maxwell with a Q&A session to follow. Desserts and drinks provided!


Please contact Shireen Nori at if you have any questions!


Why are there fewer senior senators this semester?

After Nilce Alvarez ’14 resigned from her position as senior senator at the beginning of the semester, the Oversight Committee worked hard to try to fill the vacancy but ended up leaving it open.  Oversight asked each student who ran for the position in the spring of 2013 if they were interested in becoming a senior senator for the rest of this semester, but all of them declined.  Oversight did not hear back from all of the candidates until mid-February; given that interim elections take at least four weeks (as mandated in the by-laws), the new senator would have been able to attend only two senate meetings.  Furthermore, this senator would have been thrust onto the Student Affairs Committee, a commitment that often requires individual legislative initiative on the part of its members.  Furthermore, an interim election at this point would have coincided with general election season for next year, which Oversight deemed potentially confusing.  These factors, taken together, led Oversight to decide not to hold an interim election.

Tim Reed on the Presidential Search and College Budget

Please enjoy this excerpt from an e-mail ASWC President Tim Reed sent to members of senate over spring break.


Welcome back!

Two very important topics: The presidential search and the college budget.

Presidential Search (a.k.a who can match the bowtie?)

A majority of the Executive Committee met with the Trustees on the search committee prior to break to better understand how the search process will work. We talked extensively about the nuts and bolts of what the search will entail, how student input will be considered, and what exactly the “pledge of confidentiality” means.

Key pointers:

  • There will be student input throughout the entire process–Gladys Gitau and Jack Percival are the student representatives on the committee, and they’ll be involved in all the deliberations. Additionally, Overseers Denise Tabbutt ’87 and Aaron Perrine ’99, staff members Rachna Sinnott ’93 and Mike Osterman ’96, are on the committee, along with multiple faculty members.
  •  A practical way to understand the confidentiality pledge is that the names of potential candidates cannot be divulged until after the process. *This does not prevent you, me, or any other students/ staff/faculty from giving input about what we would like to see in the next President.* Maintaining confidentiality allows us to cast the widest possible net to attract the best possible candidates for the position.

That’s the brief synopsis on #Prezsearch2014. Trend it. More info can be found here. Or email me at

Regarding the budget….

  • We got the counseling center position! All the work spent crafting and debating Resolution SRF 13.2 paid off–it was, and I quote, an “excellent piece of legislation.” This is a great example of student advocacy resulting in tangible results.
  • During the budget request process, ASWC submitted a request for the administration to match our $2,000 contribution to the Power & Privilege Symposium. Moreover, we asked for an endowed line item–which basically means that a guaranteed amount of money will be built into the college’s annual operating budget. Because of the success of the Symposium this year and the commitment ASWC has shown to it, the college’s Budget Committee more than doubled our request, committing $5,000 dollars to the Power & Privilege Symposium each year. This is huge: this gives the Symposium the financial sustainability to happen every year.
  • There will be an Associate Dean of Diversity & Intercultural Affairs hired for next year. This position will be on the President’s Council (!!!) and its holder will manage the Intercultural Center. This move has been in the works for a while, but ASWC’s push ensured that this position is part of the President’s Council. Additionally, it is likely that another position will be added next year to assist the Associate Dean of Diversity and Intercultural Affairs with a more day-to-day focus. More details can be found here.
  • The SEC is adding the Internship Coordinator position, beginning either this summer or the following one. I don’t know what precisely the position will entail, but it will ideally be a technologically savvy individual who understands the intricacies of coordinating internships.

This is probably my longest email to date.  With that in mind, thanks for reading through it and making it this far!


Tim Reed

ASWC President