Senate Round Up March 9

At Sunday’s meeting, the ASWC senate recognized two new clubs and confirmed the new heads of each campus media organization (CMO).

ASWC recognized Running Club and HAPA club.  Running club meets twice a week for group runs and occasionally enters races together.  The Japanese word “hapa” originally referred to a person of half-Japanese and half-Hawaiian descent, but today the term more broadly refers to anyone of mixed race.  HAPA club seeks to support hapa students and foster discussion and awareness for all students regardless of background.  The club hosted at panel at the Power and Privilege Symposium and is bringing a speaker to campus next week.

Aleida Fernandez was appointed to the newly created Publisher position on The Pioneer while Emily Lin Jones was appointed as its next Editor-in-Chief.

After some debate concerning Waiilatpu’s livelihood, Anna Zheng and Meg Logue were confirmed as the yearbook heads.  This year, due to a considerably smaller budget, Waiilatpu stopped paying its staff and switched to a soft cover format with a new publisher.  Zheng and Logue look to increase advertising and renovate Waiilatpu’s format in the future.

Kinsey White and Dana Thompson were appointed as the blue moon Editors while Tyler Schuh was appointed as the Quarterlife Editor.

Finally, the new ASWC Sound and Lights Manager is Mallory Martin, who hopes to expand S & L service.

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