Apply to Be a WEB Director.

The Whitman Events Board is now looking for 9 awesome people to join its team for the 2014-15 school year. This includes everything from the Music Entertainment Director to the Marketing Coordinator. Read a little more about what positions WEB would like to fill below, or check out the application here.

Marketing Coordinator: organize marketing plans and materials for all WEB events in coordination

with other members or committee; help with the execution of devised plans

Co-Sponsorship Coordinator: manage co-sponsorship with students; serve as liaison to all student

groups with which WEB co-sponsors events; work directly with representatives from clubs/groups to

oversee program planning process and ensure co-sponsored event success

Campus Relations Director: manage co-sponsorship process with faculty, staff and departments; serve

as a liaison between WEB and staff and faculty; work directly with staff and faculty to oversee the

planning process and ensure success of campus relations events; coordinate volunteers and spearhead

student engagement efforts.

Cinema Arts Director: identify films of interest to student body and select range of films to be shown

during the year; organize all event details for film screenings; help plan the bi-annual Drive-In.

Special Events Director: identify and plan events or special performers of interest to the student

body; organize all event details; may include dances, comedians, novelty acts, Casino Night, Cookie

Contest, etc.

Creative Arts Director: responsible for providing fine art and creative art programs and workshops on


Music Entertainment Director: identify and plan musical performances throughout the year, choose a

range of shows from student Coffeehouse performances to large concerts; may include Choral Contest

and co-sponsorship requests.

Cultural Events Director: identify and plan events with an emphasis on cultural awareness and

diversity issues; work with other campus entities to support a range of multicultural programming on


Lectures Director: identify speakers and lecture topics of interest to the student body; arrange event

details; work with other campus constituents to ensure a range of topics and ideas are addressed.


Applications are due at 8pm on April 4th in the ASWC Office.

Click here to learn all the exciting details.

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