Senate Round Up March 9

At Sunday’s meeting, the ASWC senate recognized two new clubs and confirmed the new heads of each campus media organization (CMO).

ASWC recognized Running Club and HAPA club.  Running club meets twice a week for group runs and occasionally enters races together.  The Japanese word “hapa” originally referred to a person of half-Japanese and half-Hawaiian descent, but today the term more broadly refers to anyone of mixed race.  HAPA club seeks to support hapa students and foster discussion and awareness for all students regardless of background.  The club hosted at panel at the Power and Privilege Symposium and is bringing a speaker to campus next week.

Aleida Fernandez was appointed to the newly created Publisher position on The Pioneer while Emily Lin Jones was appointed as its next Editor-in-Chief.

After some debate concerning Waiilatpu’s livelihood, Anna Zheng and Meg Logue were confirmed as the yearbook heads.  This year, due to a considerably smaller budget, Waiilatpu stopped paying its staff and switched to a soft cover format with a new publisher.  Zheng and Logue look to increase advertising and renovate Waiilatpu’s format in the future.

Kinsey White and Dana Thompson were appointed as the blue moon Editors while Tyler Schuh was appointed as the Quarterlife Editor.

Finally, the new ASWC Sound and Lights Manager is Mallory Martin, who hopes to expand S & L service.

Senate Minutes: March 9th

This Sunday, March 9th we had a productive Senate which included the confirmation of 6 Campus Media Organization leaders. We are very excited about the amazing things that these students will accomplish in the coming school year.

Read the full minutes here.

Apply to Be a WEB Director.

The Whitman Events Board is now looking for 9 awesome people to join its team for the 2014-15 school year. This includes everything from the Music Entertainment Director to the Marketing Coordinator. Read a little more about what positions WEB would like to fill below, or check out the application here.

Marketing Coordinator: organize marketing plans and materials for all WEB events in coordination

with other members or committee; help with the execution of devised plans

Co-Sponsorship Coordinator: manage co-sponsorship with students; serve as liaison to all student

groups with which WEB co-sponsors events; work directly with representatives from clubs/groups to

oversee program planning process and ensure co-sponsored event success

Campus Relations Director: manage co-sponsorship process with faculty, staff and departments; serve

as a liaison between WEB and staff and faculty; work directly with staff and faculty to oversee the

planning process and ensure success of campus relations events; coordinate volunteers and spearhead

student engagement efforts.

Cinema Arts Director: identify films of interest to student body and select range of films to be shown

during the year; organize all event details for film screenings; help plan the bi-annual Drive-In.

Special Events Director: identify and plan events or special performers of interest to the student

body; organize all event details; may include dances, comedians, novelty acts, Casino Night, Cookie

Contest, etc.

Creative Arts Director: responsible for providing fine art and creative art programs and workshops on


Music Entertainment Director: identify and plan musical performances throughout the year, choose a

range of shows from student Coffeehouse performances to large concerts; may include Choral Contest

and co-sponsorship requests.

Cultural Events Director: identify and plan events with an emphasis on cultural awareness and

diversity issues; work with other campus entities to support a range of multicultural programming on


Lectures Director: identify speakers and lecture topics of interest to the student body; arrange event

details; work with other campus constituents to ensure a range of topics and ideas are addressed.


Applications are due at 8pm on April 4th in the ASWC Office.

Click here to learn all the exciting details.

Petitions!!! Due March 13th.


Petitions for Executive Council and Senators are out now. You have until March 13th to get the 20 signatures required to be considered for election.


  • President
  • Student Affairs Chair (Vice President)
  • Nominations Chair
  • Finance Chair
  • Senator (4 for each class)

Learn more about each position and what you need to do here.

Due March 13th, no later than 4 pm.

Email Audrey Vaughn at

Meet the Communications Committee!

Enjoy this brief introduction to the somewhat newly established but bourgeoning ASWC Communications Committee!

Anna von Clemm

Title: Executive Director of Communications

Favorite vegetable: Definitely eggplant. Seriously, 100% the best thing ever.

Fun fact about her hometown: It’s also the home of Mark Zuckerberg.

What are you looking forward to this semester in ASWC?

I am looking forward to continuing outreach with students and increasing ASWC accessibility. Stuff like the new online petition system, the improved website and ASWC Wednesdays are all things that have been increasing transparency and communication. I hope to keep the momentum going!

The last movie she watched: Dallas Buyers Club. I am on a mission to see every Academy Award nominated movie for Best Picture, only two left!

What she wanted to be when she grew up as a kid: I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but then I realized that I don’t even like fish or dolphins that much, and I am perplexed as to where that idea came from.

What should students know about ASWC?

ASWC does a lot for the student body and has been gaining legitimacy with the administration and Board of Trustees over the years. If you ever have a concern or question we are here to make your voice heard. All Executive Council members are in the ASWC office every Monday from 4 to 5, so feel free to stop by and chat! We love getting input and hearing what students would like to see on campus.

 Nick Budak

Job description: I’m the webmaster for ASWC. I built and maintain

Favorite vegetable: Seaweed.

Hometown: Portland.

Last movie he watched: Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. Weird stuff!

What he wanted to be when he grew up as a kid: I wanted to be a pilot. My idol was Chuck Yeager, the famous American pilot who was the first person to fly faster than sound.

What should students know about ASWC?

Senate is pretty cool. You should go to at least one before you leave Whitman.

MaryAnne Bowen

Job description: Graphic Editor—I design and draw stuff (mostly posters but sometimes icons, too).

Favorite vegetable: I am quite fond of cucumbers.

Hometown: I’m from Boise, and apparently there is a big digression about how to properly pronounce the name that is so bad that the official city website even lists how it’s SUPPOSED to be pronounced.  Most natives don’t care.

What are you looking forward to this semester in ASWC?

More events that I can draw posters for!

Last movie she watched: Love Actually, actually.

What she wanted to be when she grew up as a kid: I wanted to be a veterinarian, like every other kid on the bus.

What should students know about ASWC?

It’s everywhereeeee.

Abby Seethoff

Job description: I am the Copy Editor.  I write the ASWC Unpacked Pioneer blog and I edit the ASWC Senate minutes.

Favorite vegetable: Generally broccoli, but spaghetti squash is coming on strong.

Fun fact about her hometown: The host of Survivor went to my high school.

What are you looking forward to this semester in ASWC?

I recently decided to start handwriting letters to random student mailboxes as a new way to engage students with ASWC.

The last movie she watched: Moonrise Kingdom.

What she wanted to be when she grew up as a kid: When I was very young, I told my parents I was going to go to clown college.

What should students know about ASWC?

ASWC is legit! It’s filled with people who care and work hard.