Waiilatpu Applications Due 2/21

Looking for Co-Editors of Waiilatpu for next year. This is Whitman’s premier Yearbook and has a very loose form that leaves a lot of room for creative thinking and artistic styling. Maybe you were involved in your high school yearbook or maybe you are just a great leader. Either way, definitely apply!

Duties of the Waiilatpu Editors:

  • Responsible for publishing the Wailatpu by graduation Week.

  • Managing content, layout and organization of the yearbook, including payroll, circulation, and other business aspects.

  • Continuing relations with its publishing company.

  • Both Officers shall be responsible for staffing the yearbook.

  • Both shall serve for one academic year (2014-2015).

Applications due February 21st, 2014.

Read here for more info.

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