Apply to be the ASWC Sound and Lights Director

Apply now to be in charge of this awesome behind-the-scenes team. Learn more about what it means to be a part of Sound and Lights here. 

Duties of the ASWC Sounds and Lights Director:

  • Primary point of contact for ASWC Sound and Lights

  • Serves as the Budget Manager for ASWC Sound and Lights.

  • Coordinate all event requests, scheduling, payroll, and billing.

  • Serves as the ASWC Sound and Lights representative on the ASWC Lifecycle Committee, thereby

    • Being involved in all equipment and supply purchasing,

    • Hire and dismiss members of the ASWC Sound and Lights Crew in conjunction with the Equipment Enginneer, and complete bi-annual performance evaluations for each member of the ASWC Soind and Lights Crew,

  • Oversee the Sound and Lights Crew during productions,

  • Expand the inventory of ASWC Sound and Lights,

  • Work in conjunction with the Director of Student Activities.

  • Serves for one Academic year (2014-2015)

To learn more about the application process read here.

Applications are due February 21st, 2014, contact Rania Mussa if you have any questions.

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