Apply to be the KWCW General Manager

Applications Due February 14th, 2014.

KWCW is an educational and entertaining radio broadcasting station. The radio provides the college and local community with creative, informative and entertaining non-commercial programming.

Salary: $1,750.00

Duties of the General Manager:

  • Administering the radio station  — i.e. oversee all aspects of radio administration.

  • Financial Management —set the bar for budget; performance and expectations.

  • Personal Management – Guide the work staff, staff hiring, staff firing, evaluations, etc.

  • Fundraising: Ensure sufficient funding for the radio, maintaining relations with donors, fundraiser events etc.

  • Operations: responsibility for satiation programming, maintenance and operationability of broadcast equipment.

  • Arranging and overseeing guest visits

  • Evaluate performance of all departments of the radio.

  • Serve for one academic year

To apply, learn more here.

Applications are due on February 14th, 2014.  

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