Join the Nominations Committee– Deadline Extended!

There is one open position on ASWC’s Nominations Committee which is coming up on its busy spring schedule. The committee is responsible for appointing and hiring several crucial student leaders on campus. The committee hires campus media and programming heads. The media heads that will be hired are the editors of the Pioneer, Blue Moon, Quaterlife and Wailatpu.  For the programing body you will be selecting the WEB director and Sounds and Lights director. You will also be appointing member to the college committees and governing boards whose roles are to improve campus life and represent the student body’s interests. Members of the Nomination Committee will help advertise for open positions, review applications, and conduct interviews. If selected for the position you will be committing to one weekly meeting and attendance at interviews, most of which take place in the spring semester.

 Applications are due Friday, February 7th and can be found here.

Email Rania Mussa at if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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