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Senate Minutes: December 8

This Sunday, December 8th we had a great Senate full of ratifications and farewells. Nilce Alvarez was investigated for her absences and Archery Club is now official! Please check out the minutes here.

Senate Round Up Number 5

At the final ASWC senate meeting of the Fall 2013 semester, Japanese Cooking Club’s request for ASWC recognition was tabled due to concerns regarding the club’s constitutional requirement for membership fees.  ASWC also recognized Archery Club and passed a finance request from Challah for Hunger.  Finally, the Oversight Committee reported its investigation of junior senator Nilce Alvarez’ senate attendance record.

Archery Club seeks to provide students with the opportunity to try archery in a safe environment.  The club plans to use ASWC funding to pay annual fees at the Blue Mountain Archery Range.

The senate also reviewed and passed Challah for Hunger’s request for funding to send two members to an annual Challah for Hunger Summit to solicit input about potential finance changes and network with other chapters.

Because junior senator Nilce Alvarez did not attend three senate meetings, the Oversight Committee was required by the bylaws to investigate.  Alvarez explained that she decided to take a leave of absence (for medical reasons) from ASWC because there was not enough time to find a replacement.  She hopes to be able to rejoin ASWC soon.  The Oversight Committee did not recommend any sanctions for Alvarez.

To read the complete minutes, click here.



Senate Minutes: November 17

Senate on November 17th was full of exciting debate resolving around the SRS13.4: A Resolution Condemning the Climate of Racism at Whitman and Demanding Institutional Change. As ASWC President Tim Reed said last week, “Racism has no place on our campus” and ASWC will continue showing it’s support for meaningful change. Please check out the minutes to learn more about how this resolution was crafted.
Our next Senate is December 8th, 2013 at 7 pm.

Dessert with ASWC!

Do you love food? And sharing your opinion? Then come to Reid Ballroom on Wednesday, December 11th at 6 pm to eat goodies and talk to your reps about what you would like to see on campus.
Dessert with ASWC is meant to connect students with their ASWC representatives so that we can all talk about issues on campus, changes we would like to see and more. Last time students and reps discussed possible themes for the upcoming Power and Privilege Symposium as well as initiatives to increase transparency of the college budget. 
We look forward to seeing you there!

Senator Snapshot: Seniors

Seniors, meet your senators!  

Jane Carmody

Major: Politics

Something unique about her hometown: My hometown Albuquerque, NM hosts the world’s largest hot air balloon festival during the month of October.

Favorite fruits: Strawberries and blueberries!

Goal in ASWC this year: I am mostly working on a car sharing program and researching the possibility of a January or June term for Whitman.

Music she’s recently discovered or re-discovered: Anything by the band the xx!

What about ASWC brings her joy: I love feeling like I am leaving a mark on Whitman’s campus, especially since I am on the Student Affairs committee. This committee allows me to engage with topics that are meaningful to the student body, and I really enjoy that!


Kayvon Behroozian

Major: Politics with a minor in Rhetoric

(Benign) guilty pleasure: I like listening to top 40 because of how the songs are specifically engineered to please me

Duties in ASWC this year: The Ombud serves as a liaison between the legislative branch–the Senate–and the Executive Branch–the Executive Council–and serves on both bodies. What that means for you is that I can be a resource to you or your student group, by offering you advice that is based on my intimate understanding of ASWC. I can help advance a concern you have, point you in the right direction with who to talk to, or be a sounding board for ideas you might have.

A song he’s recently discovered: TIMBER (played it in the ASWC office like 23948 times)

What about ASWC brings him joy: The ability to fuse my interest in helping others with my passion for rhetoric and persuasion.

Anything else? Sup.


Sean Mulloy

Major: Politics with a Gender Studies minor

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Favorite fruit: Berries, because they’re sweet.

Goal in ASWC this year: My goal is to enhance student participation in the ASWC decision making process and strengthen Whitman’s great diversity of student clubs.

Recently discovered music:  Robyn and other girl pop music

What about ASWC brings him joy: I am new to ASWC but am delighted when ASWC is able to bring unique experiences and resources to students that may have not otherwise been possible. I would like to see ASWC be a voice of the needs and wants of the Whitman campus community.