Senate Round-Up #4

At the fourth ASWC senate meeting, the ASWC Communications Committee introduced itself, three students were appointed to the Sustainability Advisory Committee, and a resolution about race issues on campus was passed after extensive detailed debate.

The Finance Committee allocated $400 to pay for part of the cost of bringing Jackson Katz to campus and $450 for students to travel to the Northwest Model United Nations this weekend in Seattle.

ASWC Ombudsman Kayvon Behroozian reported that an investigation into Composting Club’s worm population collapse over the summer is now complete.

On Mondays in Reid 207, Club Director Nate Higby hosts roundtable lunches to discuss club ideas and concerns.  All current or potential club members are encouraged to come check it out!

ASWC President Tim Reed reported that he will be meeting with representatives from Zipcarsoon to discuss implementing the program at Whitman.

The new ASWC website is progressing smoothly.

Linnaea Weld, Jenni Doering and Eliana Schwartz were appointed to the Sustainability Advisory Committee.

In response to some questions concerning fundraising at ASWC-ratified club events, the Oversight Committee ruled that clubs cannot directly donate their ASWC funds to a charity but can use ASWC funds for supplies/fees for events that benefit charity provided they pay ASWC back.

Most of this senate meeting addressed resolution SRF13.4, a response to events concerning race such as the rally in the last two weeks.  Many constituents attended the meeting, some of whom spoke passionately to the senate about the need for a strong, declarative resolution.  After hours of debating multiple amendments (at times with great specificity in regard to word choice), the resolution passed.  This was the longest senate meeting of the year thus far.

To read the complete minutes, click here.

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