Senate Round-Up #2

At the second ASWC senate meeting, ASWC discussed how to improve senator outreach, ratified Whitman Action Games, amended a bylaw, and appointed Emily Jones and Dalton Cooper  to the Bon App Food Committee.

ASWC ratified Whitman Action Games (WAG), this year’s reconfiguration of the now-defunct Campus Gamers club.  WAG coordinates Humans vs. Zombies annually.  With ASWC recognition and funding, WAG expects to expand its offerings to campus-wide games of Capture the Flag and Assassins as well as increase publicity.

Emily Jones ’16 and Dalton Cooper ’17 were appointed to the Bon App Food Committee.  Jones plans to focus on nutrition transparency while Cooper hopes to address the dining hall concerns of both athletes and vegetarians.

A bylaw was also amended to include a provision to nominate and appoint students to the Sustainability Advisory Committee at the discretion of the Nominations Committee.

The Finance Committee reported that it approved three requests and allocated $300 for yoga classes, $100 to the Pre-Health Society, and $119.24 to Campus Progressives.

Improving senator outreach generated the most discussion at this senate meeting.  Every senator has been paired with at least one Whitman club as way to increase communication.  In addition, on Wednesdays during lunch in Reid, at least one ASWC senator and WEB Chair Genevieve Jones will be available in the foyer to discuss a weekly topic as well as address student concerns.

To read the complete minutes, click here

Senate Round-Up #1

On Oct. 6, 2013, ASWC held a successful first Senate meeting.

ASWC ratified two clubs, Campus Progressives and All Students for Consent. Campus Progressives is a political club whose mission is to “educate, advocate and mobilize” through workshops, volunteering, debates, video screenings, and more.  For more information, you can view their website here.

ASC hopes to build on momentum established by Green Dot and Take Back the Night with student-directed effort. ASC recently received national attention from the Huffington Post in an article recognizing college campuses for working to stop sexual assault. 

First years Kanupria Sanu and Wenjun Gao were appointed to the Nominations Committee; first-years Annie Boyenneh and Hallie Barker were also appointed to the Oversight Committee.

ASWC also allocated $2,000 for upperclassmen Carly Busch, Chelan Pauly, Chloe Alley-Sarnack, Kemper Brightman and Maddie Player to attend the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) conference November 7-9 in College Park, Maryland.  They plan to implement what they learn about risk management and environmental stewardship in Whitman’s Outdoor Program when they return.  To learn more, visit theirwebsite.

The senate confirmed sophomore Jack Percival as the official Vice President. He is also the chair of the Student Affairs Committee and a student academic advisor in Lyman.

For more information about what happened at this Senate meeting, check out the comprehensive minutes here at ASWC’s website.