Open Positions

Apply now to the below positions!

Run for ASWC Senate and/or an Executive Council position!

Four senators from each class serve in the ASWC Senate. Senators represent the student body in all meetings of the student government, which include weekly Senate committee meetings, regular Senate and town hall forums. Senators influence college policies, campus programming, and funding for student organizations. Students seeking to run for a Senate seat must first fill out a petition to run, which can be found here, and is due by March 12th. For information on how to submit a petition, see the petition document.

Five positions on the Executive Council are elected positions, while the rest are appointed by the President once she/he is elected. The elected positions on the Executive Council include the ASWC President, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Nominations and Appointments, and the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion. The petition to run can be found here, and is due by March 12th. For information on how to submit a petition, see the petition document.

Election rules, which outline important things such as the amount of time students are permitted to campaign, etc., can be found here.

More information about each of these positions and ASWC in general can be found here.

Physical copies of petitions and the election rules can be found outside of the ASWC office (Reid 210).

Apply to the Communications Committee!

This committee is seeking students with an interest in effective communication and student government issues. Those with skills in graphic design are preferred. To learn more and to apply, send an email mentioning this posting to Erin Lee at

Apply to College Committees!

Committees with open positions include the Council on Student Affairs, the Student Life Committee, the Library Advisory Committee, the General Studies Committee, the Curriculum Committee, the Budget Advisory Committee, the Student Technology Advisory Committee, the Bon Appétit Advisory Committee, the Sustainability Committee, and the Student Registrar Committee. The application can be found here.

Apply to the Nominations Committee!

The Nominations Committee Appointed Member works as a member of the Nominations Committee, participating in hiring for college committees, governing boards, campus media organizations, and other important positions on campus. As a member of the committee, you would be expected to actively participate in drafting application materials, evaluating applications, conducting interviews, and attending Nominations Committee meetings. The ideal candidate is organized, highly motivated, and excited about the Nominations process! Previous experience with hiring is absolutely not required, just a willingness to learn! The application can be found here.

Apply to be the W.E.B. Chair!

The Whitman Events Board is a volunteer-driven student organization enthusiastically committed to enhancing the student experience and fostering community development. Their mission is to provide and support stimulating and entertaining events while holding student interests in the highest regard. They have 10 different directorships that are overseen by the WEB Chair, and as all students are technically members of WEB they consistently reach out to the student body for ideas, involvement, and engagement. The Nominations Committee is seeking a student to serve as WEB Chair from Fall 2018 to Spring 2019. The application can be found here.