About ASWC

ASWC provides advocacy for student issues, diverse involvement opportunities, and financial support for student initiatives. Find out more below!

Every Whitman College student is a member of ASWC, the student government organization that exists to support and advance student interests. ASWC sponsors and funds clubs, speakers, and concerts, as well as advocating for student needs and issues and funding a diverse range of student-initiated projects. As a member, you are welcome to participate in any ASWC-supported event or program.

You can find ASWC’s governing documents on the governing documents page. The ASWC Office is in Reid 210 and is open 9:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.

Student Representation

Are you interested in representing your peers and advocating for student interests? There are a number of elected and appointed positions that provide a great opportunity to help the student voice be heard. Executive Council members are elected each spring and help conduct the business of ASWC and set the agenda for the various ASWC committees. Senators both serve on small standing committees and work together in senate to legislate important policies and procedures. Student representatives appointed to various standing college committees provide input about important topics and work with staff and faculty advocates for necessary changes to college policy.

Funding Student Initiatives

ASWC provides financial support for diverse range of groups and projects on campus. Clubs may apply for ASWC-recognition and in turn, receive funding for events, projects, and supplies. Our affiliate organizations receive funding for the bulk of their operational costs and programs. Additionally, two funds (contingency and travel & student development) exist for students and groups to make requests for new or unexpected projects dreamed up throughout the year. Visit the Finance Committee page for more information or contact the Finance Chair to apply for a funding grant.

Clubs and Organizations

ASWC recognizes and supports over fifty student clubs and organizations. Clubs form around a variety of issues and activities, providing a great opportunity for students to get involved in the Whitman community and develop as campus leaders. Explore your options on our Clubs & Organizations webpage, or contact the ASWC Clubs Director.

Media Organizations

ASWC is proud to support a variety of campus media organizations. All of these groups provide a diverse range of opportunities for students to get involved in campus media productions. Visit the Media Organizations webpage for more information about each group and the opportunities available to contribute.

Whitman Events Board

The Whitman Events Board (WEB) is supported and funded by ASWC. WEB is responsible for planning and facilitating campus-wide programs such as lectures, films, concerts, dances, the Drive-In Movies, and much more. If you’re excited about campus programming, new members are always welcome at weekly meetings. Visit the WEB page or contact the WEB chair for more information.

ASWC Sound & Lights

The ASWC Sound and Lights Office is a full-service event production team. They provide sound, lighting, and staff support services for a wide variety of types and sizes of campus events. ASWC Sound and Lights can provide technical support for dances, speakers, concerts, and a variety of other events. Click here to learn more.